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Hello Jesse, First I want to thank you for the great reading last night. You just amaze me with your ability to bring so much positive energy into my readings. I always feel like I can do anything after talking to you. You are such a wonderful person, I just love you! Second, I wanted to say I read your article on CP website on how to create you perfect day, and I really enjoyed it. I've seen how just by changing my thoughts, I can change my experiences, and so it makes perfect sense that by planning out every single detail of your dream, you can make it happen. I am going to try the exercise you recommended in the article. It's funny how even though you know you can manifest anything you want in life, that it can still feel a little scary... But who better to depend on to make these dreams happen than myself, right? Anyway, I can't wait to give you my next update on my progress with the good doctor and "Mr. P". So please stay tuned. Take care! Melissa (aka Honeybee)
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Hello Jesse, Were you able to view my posting to the Soul Mate blog from the other day? Since I am new to this, I am not sure I did it right. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I was trying to connect. Honeybee
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Aug 21, 2009