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When Netflix is down, it's like America is broken.
I wouldn't need a queue at all as long as they keep "recently watched" for the TV series and then had a category for "movies expiring soon"! I have 300 items on my queue, and with that many, just keeping up with the ones expiring takes all my viewing time.
Pontypool. I'm sick of having to buy used DVDs because Netflix doesn't have them! And this one's been out for a while.. Netflix also LOVES to yank older DVDs they had in circulation which go out of print.
Forget Facebook! I want to go to IMDB to search for a movie, and if it's there, I want to Queue it up DIRECTLY FROM IMDB. THANK YOU PLEASE. In addition, every time you Q something up, it should identify where you Q-ed it up FROM. Like, from IMDB, or some other website. Lastly, I swear Netflix automatically Q's things up secretly to push movies. There have been about 4-6 times in the past year when a DVD got queued up which I did not Q up myself.
How about THIS? There are a few times I have received a DVD which I DID NOT PUT ON MY QUEUE! Usually it's some art movie or something...a thing that might slip by my notice. Anybody ever get a movie and then go willie tango fox?
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on Strange Netflix Search Story at Hacking NetFlix