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This "Orphan Attitude" is becoming more and more prevalent as copyright is boldly ignored and any art found on the internet is wrongly considered public domain. The internet is not a beach where you find shells to take home. It is a place of business for most artists and designers. Even the Gold Medal Winner of the American Watercolor Society in 2008 used another artists work as reference so identically that the hair on the head matched perfectly. She boldly entered the competition claiming it to be entirely her own work. She was later stripped of the award. Bottom line- They didn't create it and they have no right to take it any more than they have a right to take a car parked at the curb with no visible registration. I have had to personally send out 3 cease-and-desist orders since last year from people selling my work for profit on gift-ware and prints. Like Brenda- I license my work and such theft violates my contracts with legit manufacturers. I lose time and money fighting the theft of my work and it can invalidate a contract and seriously reduce my income. We as designers and artists across the USA need to be certain the Orphan Works does not pass! It removes our implied copyright and reduces our ability to recover damages. Please educate yourselves and speak up as artists and designers to stop this horrible legislation!
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