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Sep 7, 2009
We haven't had any problems like this but we included a statement in the policy manual that we don't provide refunds if you leave as a preventative measure. That said, we don't have individual accounts, are pretty much pay-as-you-go, and we make it clear that popcorn or other fundraisers are for the benefit of the whole troop (right there in the manual) so our people don't have too much reason to ask for anything back. A family in our troop moved from another troop that had camping accounts and they feel they have the right to the balance in them...but the former troop disagrees. I think this could have been avoided if they had policies and procedures in place.
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I implemented a policies and procedures manual last year as part of my Wood Badge ticket. The troop survived 40 years without one, but it has been useful. it doesn't regurgitate any official BSA publications, but helps the reader to know where to find stuff. It does state things such as that the troop will pay part of the fee for x boys to go to NYLT, what the annual troop dues cover, ways parents can and are expected to help, what we expect our adult and boy outing leaders to do, and, yes, what we do about boys who misbehave. It's been useful, and we are revising it now that we have a year of experience. I think it will be even more useful.
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