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Lucy Wightman
I'll let you know when I know
Interests: color, emotion, meaning, learning, motivation, attachment, expressions
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Mirror, mirror on the wall and everywhere else. Informed by our connections, meaning, depth, all that. To write one's story feels so self-indulgent to me, yet my task for what is left of my life is to do just that. When I was 24 I wrote the story, had an agent, sold out to Warner Bros for three years and never made manifest (thank somebody for that!). It was easier then to go on because I was so narcissistic and at least unaware of it. This was before there were links on a screen... You are not reduced to these links! I cannot even remember how I found your site, but if you only showed up as links on a screen, Gavin, you can bet I wouldn't make you one of my daily reads so know that some sort of underbellied essence comes seeping up from the binary world.
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I recently used part of my rather personal story to end a video shown in driver's ed classes. The first 6 minutes or so showed a variety of driving information and within that some statistics that are largely ignored. The video was made by a company called Advanced Driver Training ( they provide hands on learning on an abandoned airport runway. The goal is to save teenage lives, which we know are lost in the largest numbers because of lack of driver skill. I have known, but been unable to clearly enough articulate that the parent and understandably, the teen population, do not get it. It needs to become a story that is spread and becomes yes, part of the social judgment weave. Until then teens will keep dying in epidemic numbers. Having advocated for stronger, more provocative messages I could not quite pinch the words to explain why, even though I know it is right. All I could say, maybe until now, reading about The Auchterlonie Effect, was that emotions had to be involved. There is no story without emotion, there is no learning beyond rote without the shared identification with the object, the story or the storyteller. I think they have an unused domain "" which, in and of itself, is a story right there.
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