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For me this has nothing to do with nationality. I feel like most, if not all, Olympic caliber sprinters are on some sort of juice. They are just a few steps ahead of detection. In 10 years their records will no longer stand. You cannot credit their progress to better nutrition or technique than runners just a decade ago. And please, they certainly don't work any harder. I also believe that some are technically not lying when they deny the usage. They're taking or using something their coaches give them. So they can say "I never knowingly took a banned substance." I have been following track & field since the 70s and I used to be a huge fan. I can't even watch anymore. It's a shame. By the way -- if all runners went off the juice -- there is a good chance Usain Bolt would still be the best. He'd just run like a gifted runner instead of one that is cheating.