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--The pro-death crowd is against all common sense abortion control.
Eric, try getting a passport with the equivalent of what Obama presents as his birth certificate: No hospital or doctor name. Hawaiian officials have said that they have seen the actual birth certificate. Wow! Again, try using that sort of approach when asked to present a legal document. This birth certificate thing by itself is not worth dwelling on. But a side benefit is that people may start closely examining the odd early years of Barak Obama, the International Man of Mystery: the only president with an alias (Barry Soetoro) the only president who grew up surrounded by communists and Muslims but claims to be neither... the only president who claimed to have visited all 57 states....referred to his Muslim faith in a interview on ABC....lots of mysteries with his guy...
I noticed when Neil Young, the rocker with dual citizenship, had a brain aneurysm, he chose to have his operation in the US and not Canada. Maybe he wanted the operation now and not 6 months from now? ZORN REPLY -- In the battle of anecdotes there's plenty of ammo on both sides. But if you think the health-care options enjoyed by a mega-millionaire rock star are anything like those enjoyed by you, me or most other people on either side of the border, you are truly delusional. Look, I get it. You have health insurance. Now. You've got yours. The prospect of extending what you've got to others might--- might -- entail some risk to you assuming there's no risks of trying to hang on to what you have now. This will work out fine for you so long as you don't lose your job or your insurer figures out a way to deny you coverage.
Remember, when you go to the library, the librarian doesn't have to prove that you don't have a library card; you have to prove you have one. When pulled over by a cop, the cop doesn't have to prove you don't have a license; you have to prove you have one. When you run for president, we don't have to prove you aren't eligible; you have to prove that you are. ZORN NOTE -- Election law has always run a little differently, however. If I submit petitions with signatures on them putting me on the ballot, it's up to someone else to challenge those signatures, not me to reverify them with investigations. If I say I live at a certain address in the district, it's up to someone else to challenge that residency and my place on the ballot. In this case, Obama has provided a certificate of live birth from Hawaii and Hawaiian officials have testified to their accuracy---more than has EVER been required of ANY president or presidential candidate. All to satisfy those who didn't want him to be president anyway and so are raising rubbish issues.
Why wouldn't Medicare be popular? Like Social Security, the recipients get far more in benefits than they paid in. That's the main reason government programs are almost impossible to get rid of once initiated. These 2 programs actually demonstrate why government shouldn't be expanded: both are going broke, both have expanded way beyond their original purpose and both are riddled with fraud and inefficiency.