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Frank Avellino
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I've been chatting with a young actor-friend who was the winner of the Metropolitan Helen Hayes award, and thus a performer at the Jimmies. He is still raving about the experience - a highlight in his young and promising career. Congratulations, Josh Skurnik!
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Hi Ken. What a great spot. I'm so inspired! In 1987, a friend got me to sit with Frank Verlizzo back when he was working at Serino Coyne (and Nappi). It was my first venture into that agency, and I sat with Mr. Verlizzo during lunch. Ever since "Sweeney Todd" (he shared w/ me his creative journey for that great piece of art), his artwork was the fuel that fired me to design production logos. I remember at the time he was working on layouts for a production of "Macbeth" with Diana Rigg. This was back in the days when art was done by hand, by pen and brush, with typsetting and on a drafting table!! Thanks for the motivation!
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Broadway: Big (and glitzy?) Off Broadway: Original I LOVE the idea of rebranding the notion of Off Broadway. Can't wait till Off Off B'way gets it's chance for a make-over! Maybe we have Broadway and Intimate Broadway, or People's Theater. Na, too sexual and too socialist. Although sex and nasty politics make for good ticket sales, I was once advised.
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