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Nancy Sonnett-Selwyn
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I am so sad for CHARLES PEREZ, and so ashamed of WPLG Channel 10. I really enjoyed watching the combination of CHARLES PEREZ and LAURIE JENNINGS. They made a BEAUTIFUL PAIR. It was bad enough to demote Charles to weekend anchor, but now they've gone and fired him for standing up for his rights! I had no idea he was Gay until I read it in the Herald...and it doesn't matter one iota to me if he is Gay or Straight. He was GREAT!! The baloney about the demotion being about saving money really angers me, since there is no other local station that puts on as many "Infomercials" as Channel 10 does! They have even taken off their weekend late night Sports Report, and they go straight to Infomercials after the news ends The other stations all continue with their late night programs. This means that they are bringing in much more money than the other local stations, so why are they having to demote and fire people?? It's just a bad excuse!! I now know for sure that I will watch one of the other local stations instead of Channel 10, although that had always been my station of (first) choice. I had already cut back on how much I watched it, but did watch Charles on the weekends. Now I will definitely not watch Local 10 unless and until they rescind his firing and put him back on the air. Hopefully, another local station will be smart enough to grab him up, and not allow him to leave the area. It would be a great loss for South Florida. I have every intention of making my feeling known to Channel 10 and to ABC and Disney, it's parent companies. I am not the only one who feels this way. All my friends and family do too!!
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