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@Gasbag: California imports about a third of its power from out of state. A large chunk of that (about a third) is "unaccounted for," meaning there's no sure knowledge of the actual source. Of the imports, about 30% of those are renewables and the rest are from coal and natural gas. The coal power is supposedly going to phase out, at least for LA, in the next five years, but as there has been no clear replacement plan, that seems unlikely. So if accounting for ALL of California's power, about 40% of it is from fossil fuels including coal and natural gas and about 10% of California's power cannot be linked to a specific source ("unspecified").
@Engineer-Poet They make what sells. Like all automakers do. Not that the EVangelists will understand that.
Henrik obviously doesn't know where the plastic components, bearing grease, and other major parts of "anything on wheels" comes from. The very device he's likely posting this from is largely made of petroleum, in fact. Most people are clueless about what most of our oil is actually used for.
Isn't California like $14B in the hole? Where do they keep coming up with this money to throw around? No wonder they're broke.
Oh look, there's Obama opening his mouth and spewing even more worthless CO2 into the atmosphere. By this time next year, everyone will have conveniently forgotten whatever promises the Prez made in his speech. Obama's speech, as reported by mainstream media and GCC: "Blah blah blah Libya blah blah blah whateveryouwantedtohear blah blah nothingconcreteinthisstatement blah blah blah nowturntotheothertelepromptersoyouappearengaged blah blah blah Japan is melting blah blah blah butyoullbeOKfolks blah blah economy blah blah morestuffyouwantedtohear blah blah..." As opposed, of course, to GW's average speech, which went like this: "Blah blah mispronouncedword blah blah terrorism blah blah hesitateandforgetthephrase blah blah blah accidentalFreudiansliplettingyouknowthetruth blah blah terrorsts will win blah blah blah withusoragainstus blah blah blah Al Quaeda.."
Man, reading this "study" is like hearing Obama's "1 million by 2015" rhetoric.. all based on automotive company marketing, not on reality. Look, if people wanted tiny cars that get 100 miles per charge, then EVs would sell like hotcakes. People don't want that, so EVs don't sell. Pretty damn simple. Note that in the chart for this article, you can plainly see that the proliferation of vehicles is basically by state population. You could say that for any damn vehicle, not just EVs. Duhh.
Boy, California is really intent on going all the way down the drain economically. Eh?
I have a question: why is GOVERNMENT always the answer? What makes these guys telling government to "do something" any different from the cartels that run the oil, banking, and other robber-baron industries? I have an idea: get government OUT of the market. Stop incentivizing one thing over another and let the market incentivize its damn self. Remove the taxes, tariffs and other barriers and let the entrepreneurs and innovators do their thing! I'm tired of everyone saying the government needs to FORCE US to do something or the government has to MAKE IT HAPPEN. When will people realize that every time government does anything, it does so by pointing a gun at someone and enslaving them. That's what taxes are, people. Forced labor - the very definition of slavery. Now I'll await the usual garbage attacks from people about how free markets supposedly ruined everything for us and capitalism is to blame for all our ills.
First you have to accept the Made-for-TV science of the Catlin team's expedition. It was so pathetically done, nobody with any credence would use it as data for anything beyond reality television. Here:
Great piece, but it leaves out two key pieces of information: 1) Currently, most ethanol in the U.S. is made from corn, which isn't even GH neutral during it's creation, let alone once burned. We need to STOP subsidizing corn ethanol. 2) The reason ethanol became so popular in Brazil was NOT just because of oil prices. The U.S. tariff on sugar, in order to "save the sugar beet farmer" caused Brazil to have a huge surplus of sugar cane and farmers with nowhere to sell their sugar. Turns out, sugar can is very easy to convert to ethanol. Now, they are the #1 external source for U.S. imports of ethanol. They clear cut rain forest to grow more sugar now. These two issues make ethanol a little difficult in the U.S., politically. That will need to be addressed.