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I guess he or she got newtered
Also my truck has 194000 miles on it with no problems.
My truck was made in Flint Michigan USA!!!
Isn't Fords diesel made in Mexico. Atleast GM's diesel is made in the good ole USA!!!!
Why is it that this site seems to all Ford, especially Mike Levine. Ford F150 is the gold standard Ca'mon it's a underpowered piece of crap.
Oh yea, I hope the Scorpions sting isn't as bad as the 6.0 ltr. Or as thirsty as the 6.4 ltr.
Lets see a few thousand jobs in US or Mexico. I know Fords answer, the Duramax is built in Moraine Ohio. That employs US workers, wat to go GM!!!
Way to go Ford, the engine is made in Mexico. At least GM's Duramax is made the good ol' USA. Even if GM needed a tax payer loan to get rid of the poor management, i'll never own a mexican Ford!!!