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BareAss Buccaneer Capt
Captain of the BareAss Buccaneers Travel Krewe
Interests: traveling to hedonism 3 every august with the crazy pirate krewe of the bareass buccaneers!
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Sue, I love this article and I will be adding a link to it on the BareAssBuccaneers.Com site. I get asked many questions about Hedonism and your article answers most of them! The comparison to summer camp is so accurate! I love that I get to be called Captain Pam while storming the Slide with 20 of my closest friends and we are all naked. Someone said to me prior to my first trip to Hedo that when we are at Hedo and we are all naked, no one judges or assumes anything about you based on your suit, your car or occupation, all that leaves for you to be graded by is your attitude!! That being said~ Anyone who feels like RJ from the above comment: Everyone is welcome at Hedo !! Just take a positive attitude, AND Participate..Participate...Participate in any games taking place, as well as the theme nights. Its a great ice breaker and will always start conversation! Again Sue ~ Great article! If you are ever there the 2nd week in August, i'll buy the first round! Hedo Hugs Captain Pam of the BareAss Buccaneers
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