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People in the medical field in the USA also use the metric system. Metric is so simple to use. Using the imperial system is just plain stupid.
Quick charging, like others here are saying, is overrated. Personally, if I were to own an EV, I would pretty much always charge it at home. Why bother using any outside charging stations ? Just to let them make money off of you ? The range of 90 miles would be more than enough for me. Marketing people probaby have it right on target saying 60 - 80 percent of consumers would say the same. Electric technology is still new. No one said it has to have the entire market on day one. Pretty much everybody is experimenting with batteries and charging these days. Quick charging will be there. For the moment decent range, reliability and low cost will make this technology a success.
I keep reading about the Raser Hummer for a long time. But what about plans to enter the market. No one ever said a work about it. So, the question remains, when Raser intends to start selling the Hummer, at what price, and what sales volume ?
But, of course Ford is right. They speak about government creating right conditions for people buying fuel efficient cars. Nothing was done in the US so far to encourage buying fuel efficient cars. Obama now tries to change that. Now look at Europe, Japan. Gasoline taxes are much higher, and gas guzzlers are heavily taxed. So, it is not a surprise that Europeans and Japanese drive much, much more fuel efficient cars. The problem in the US is a general people's resistance to a higher gas tax. Which, unfortunately, shows short-sightedness on the part of Americans. Politicians, on the other hand, have always been afraid of rising gas taxed because they did not want to offend constituents. So, this is pretty much what Ford is talking about. In the past there were Ford executives who publicly supported higher gas taxes. Higher gas taxes provide income for various green programs, and they force the entire economy to gradually turn away from oil. They work wonders in such fuel efficient countries like Japan, Denmark, and such. That's why I think gasoline should cost around $3 - 4 in this country.
To Ziv, You said that green cars are not sporty. Well, purely electric cars are actually very sporty as electric engines are much more efficient compared to ICE. They also have a lot of torque. All of this makes them very responsive. As I understand GM will make the Volt fun to drive by, in addition to HP, using appropriate suspension and such.
Let's don't forget that, as I understand, a tax rebate of $7,500, can be applied toward a purchase of a plug-in hybrid. Which should bring the price of the Volt down significantly. In such case, considering the savings from the very limited gas, oil, brake pads and rotors, and other lower maintenance which hybrids and electrics generate, owning a Volt might make economic sense. Let's don't forget that if one drives around 15000 miles a year his spending on gas alone is around $2000. If the lifetime of your car is 10 years this will make it $20000.