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I never commented a lot but I read you guys regularly. I appreciate you taking the time to post. So, I guess I'll say 'Thank You!" If anyone wants to check out my blog, I post twice a week at Words, Music and Anecdotes. My posts are short, I promise, and sweet. Thanks again, Ladies.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2011 on The Party's Over at The Lipstick Chronicles
The summer after high school I got a job cleaning the bank on the ground floor at One Bethlehem Plaza. The night watchman would lock me in there and go on his way. The bank was decked out with this deep-piled gold carpet and every inch of it had to be vacuumed. Every foot print and every swipe of the vacuum showed so I had to move backwards and make three-foot-long orderly back and forward passes. And the managers' offices! Each office told a little story. What personalities were revealed by how they kept their desks. Kind of a lonely job, I guess.
I've read 11 of those books. I have read lots over the years, but I read a lot of non-fiction. Dan Brown (barf)--couldn't say it better myself. I'm reading Stephen Fry's autobiography right now, by the way--you got his picture up there with Hugh Laurie.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2010 on Books I Have Read at The Lipstick Chronicles
Hi Laura! Why do I write? I write because I’m no good at video games or crossword puzzles. I have little patience for TV and the movie theatre is too far away. I have just always written, even though I’ve never been published—could be that most of my projects-in-progress have landed in the fire. But right now I’m working on a historical project that hasn’t landed in the fire and it gives me the excuse to research when I should be cleaning and fly to Amsterdam to look at the city when I should be visiting my family. I’m trying to write the book that I want to read, because I haven’t found one like it yet. Mostly, I write because it keeps me healthy. I need to be healthy to write, a writer friend of mine has pointed out, too. I wouldn’t mind winning a copy of Swift Justice, either!!!!
And we haven't even touched the subject of Ritalin! When my son was in 2nd grade, and the teachers weren't getting through to him, they told me to go to the doctor and get him 'those pills'. I printed the teacher a whole load of reports from the internet to show her what that crap really was. Funny thing (not really funny, though) was that the cases of parents being sent to the hospital for taking their kids' Ritalin was really high. And today I have a good friend who is taking them now. It seems like the Ritalin market targeting young boys isn't big enough, now they've come out with ADS for 40 year old woman who can't keep an organized household.
I think I just saw this on an episode of the Simpsons: Creation vs. Evolution. I guess we were brought up different. I remember hearing a saying somewhere, 'separation of church and state'. So I looked it up in Wiki to see what that was. Is that what you mean that they took Th Jefferson out of the history books? In Germany the kids have religion from 1st until 12th. They can go in Lutheran or Catholic, if they are one of the above. If not they go in Ethics and learn about world religions. And there it stays. Today.
There's somethng honest about playing Solitare with real cards. My father always said, 'The man who cheats at Solitaire, cheats at life'
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2010 on Writers' Block at The Lipstick Chronicles
You guys have fun on Saturday night. I'll have to wait til it comes out on DVD *sob*. When I reached the Ugly Sister Phase, the next step was Rock & Roll and black leather! What a great way to torment beauty with ear-splitting, rude guitars. Some things we never grow out of. (I'm going to a Wolfmother concert on Fri night, I'll probably be the oldest there and deaf afterwards...) My favorite was Mulan. But that's a different generation, wasn't it.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2010 on Me and Cinderella* at The Lipstick Chronicles
Hi, my name is Laura and I'm a size 14 (Hi Laura) Yes, preoccupied with my weight. Always have been. But that's not what I wanted to talk about. It's Karl...he's always in the German tabloids and I don't want to defend him, but he's the one plugging the band 'The Gossip' and their singer Beth (check them out on YouTube, they're American)and today he was in 'Bild' (our Tabloid) with pictures of Miss Dirty Martini (check out This little block is too small for me to start discussing my relationship with my weight.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on Fat is the New Black at The Lipstick Chronicles
It's 'Rabenmutter' and I don't want to think about all the times I've heard that comment while my poor kids have had to grow up with an American mother in Germany. How dare she not wash the windows every week ( can you guys even imagine that? I've told these women, that before they think of washing windows, they should do 20 push-ups, they'd be better off). These women IRON!! My mother never ironed. What about 'wash n wear?' My mother told me to always put myself first, then she died and left me alone, no manners, bad behavior, and then I had these kids, who I appologize to all the time, that they have me for a mother. But they are the best damn kids you ever saw. Manners they have; good, well, ok grades. They wash their own clothes coz I work a lot. They try to cook and no one ever critisises a kid who tries to take care of themselves. They even invite me to their parties! I can't think of anything that would hurt more than watching one of my kids die.