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New York, New York
Write a blog exploring the broader implications of craft in our everyday lives
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So fun to take part in your passions! Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing the beautiful coral bowl with the slightly clueless crafter;-)
I really appreciate how you never stop with the status quo, that you always want to take your craft to newer, more personal levels. How do you make your own bias tape, may I ask?
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So happy my dear ABCD shared this lovely blog. Is it too safe to say that I'm looking forward to taking part in all of the above posters special wedding and graduation events? Those all sound fun! Nah, just kidding. I'm looking forward to a 2 week South American cruise with my hubby come March 2010.
My dad keeps the joy of the handwritten alive in our family. In fact, I think he has saved every Christmas card we have gotten since I was born, perhaps even since my parents were married (now over 40 years). Early this fall, I came home to a stack of correspondence that my dad gingerly placed on my bed for my arrival home. They were holiday cards that mentioned childhood friends of mine, memories that other families shared of me and my sisters as kiddies, and even sweet stories from people who just wrote to them about me. As Libby says, it's a tradition that has more depth than we can comprehend. It's a loving thing and bravo to you for doing it!
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I'm surprised the butter isn't clarified in the crepe batter. Thanks for the video. I like anything I can watch or look at!
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2009 on MAKING CREPES: PART II at An Eye For Detail
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Saw your good riddance to "fake ass" people decree at Maryam's place and had to see what you were about. I've been in the heart of the art market world (Art Basel Miami Beach) recently, where I sensed some big fakers,pretenders, schmoozers. . .I need this imagery to cleanse the palette!
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Maryam I feel the pure wafting through all my senses. Your writing carries me through the wholesome experience of a life lived authentically. What a better gateway than a whiff of pure vanilla extract. I certainly could have used this imagery to get me through Art Basel Miami, which as I mentioned was a very conflicting experience. I do wonder how someone of your character would handle the art market as I describe it. . .?
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Rustic luxury. You are spot on selecting these. Martha had numerous linens patterned after this classic, but really never came to play on set. Bizarre to me.
You know, I like your modern style as much as your antique. That's rare for me. I can see why you have Missoni on the brain; those Kartell chairs are smashing. My "Missoni" dress is surprisingly comfortable, able to be worn dressed up or down. Versatility is another element of design I look for.
Beautifully said! While marking oneself as "clueless" may not ring elegantly in the ear, the premise of my place is the same: to craft one's life, to build, create, meander, drift into a more authentic, worthy existence.
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J, don't make me get all sentimental and want a baby now;-) Super darling creations!
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on Smocked with a passion at So Cute It Hurts
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You are so right that the art, craft, artisan market is bursting with growth these days. When the economy hit the toilet, many realized that they would need to hone new skills in order to thrive. I, too, jumped on the wagon, recognizing that my idle musings weren't going to save me when I needed to survive on very little. So, I've been teaching myself new things! I will be writing a bit on this topic for a January article on Etsy's blog. It has so much to do with personal growth, care for the environment, a political position, and so forth. I find it exciting every day!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2009 on HANDMADE AND MORE at An Eye For Detail
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Nice purchase, although you could have used your split peas to make the design on this dress and saved yourself some $$;-)
My experience in fine art, working in galleries and for corporate art collections helps me think about wrapping a different way. Like the frame that goes around the art, you want to be sensitive to what is inside your package. Does your paper showcase the gift inside in the best way that it can. Does it overshadow the gift, which it shouldn't? J, nice cute things that do hurt!;-)
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How wonderful that you and your hubby cozy up on a cold day to Bach. I'm in Miami still seeing all this art, but look forward to getting back north and snuggling up to my man and some music;-)
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2009 on Sale... and Holiday Glow at Pink Purl
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A ce moment, je suis pressee aussi. Je suis en train de voire des "art fairs" a Art Basel Miami! Mais cette image est attirante. Je suis en train de lire le livre "The Age of Comfort," l'histoire de confort a Paris de 17eme siecle. Vous le connaissez? So sorry if my french is way off! I haven't spoken it in years, but thought i'd try.
I love that you upholster with old berber textiles, but I have to ask are they comfortable? I've had the impression that they are a bit abrasive. . .
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Without dreaming, life would be so tiring. We need these bits of aspiration. On Thanksgiving here in the US, though, I want to take a moment to thank my family and my spiritual guides AND my blogger friends for all the good that is around me right here , right now. Thanks to all!
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Dreams, hope, faith... at So Cute It Hurts
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White pepper and cardamom chocolate - amazing. I recently had an ancho pepper and dark chocolate bar. That heat and the cream of the chocolate are such a beautiful blend. Wish I could have been invited to the "inappropriate" Harold and Maude/The Graduate party;-)
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on food souvenirs at frolic!
Coming from the Art Market program at FIT and having been involved in what Chelsea galleries do to promote the artists they represent, I must say you're doing a great service to these artists. It's a leap to go from gallery to commercial psychologically for a lot of artists, but in many ways this is different sides of the same coin. The art market is a mercurial place. Funny how I never thought of licensing as a profession?
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on INTERVIEW WITH LIBBY! at An Eye For Detail
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Hi Tracy I have been meaning to stop by your place here for sometime and am glad I came across this post. I love to cook, but haven't worked on more exotic flavors recently. The shrimp looks so perfectly happy in that velvety broth that I'm ashamed to say I'm drooling. What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2009 on Foodie Friday-- Thai Green Curry Soup at Pink Purl
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Love the antique ornaments Melanie. Congrats on winning the tray from Greet. However did you win? I'm preparing for the holidays too. . .
lol, you answered my question precisely. I was wondering if you were going the way of food. I am always searching new recipes and quite like the mix between woodsy/spicy & sweet/tart that this recipe balances. I wonder what a dash of liqueur would do?
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It is important that those issues be addressed, especially in the family setting. I believe that if we worked issues out first within the microcosm of the the family, the macrocosm - the global family - would benefit greatly.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2009 on Marrakech: and a tasty little tale at My Marrakesh
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Really, no lighthearted exchanges? Is it all politics? I've been reading Elsa Maxwell, the consummate mid-century NY socialite and how she crafted a method of "lively entertaining." Curious to see where the 2 cultures intersect, diverge. Thanks for your thoughtful response!
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2009 on Marrakech: and a tasty little tale at My Marrakesh
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