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it's impossible to preserve free speech for everyone and yet never offend anyone, jeslil. Particularly when so many people around here are prone to crying about how offended they are. Why should everyone else have to pussyfoot around them? Why can't they man up and stop taking everything so personally? Why is it okay for one group to do something but not another? If the prissies have the right to have a pity party every single week about how someone did them wrong, why isn't it okay for anybody else to tell them to suck it up and get over it?
I see nothing wrong with the FoD video, just like I saw nothing wrong with the image that Piney posted. They're both hysterically funny. The problem lies in overly-sensitive twats that have to make everything about THEM and THEIR tragedy. Funny to me that people think that this website is the appropriate place to air their personal issues, and even more funny to me is the hypocrisy that arises. It's okay for Zach to do something that's borderline offensive, because he MEANT it to be funny, and that's what everyone should focus on. But for Piney to post a picture... well, she's not famous, and she's just a teenager, and nobody here wants to slime into her pants, so she's wrong wrong wrong and everyone should verbally stone her till she cries. Don't you get how things work around here?
Yes, you should. And then go away, since you never have anything even remotely Zach-related to add.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2009 on Should I stop? at Zachary Quinto
She's right. Nobody cares about every nuance of all that you do. If you want to post that sort of thing, either go to twitter or create your own website.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2009 on No title at Zachary Quinto
@Raine - easy. I WOULDN'T turn to a group of random internet people for love and support if something horrible happened to me. I would turn to friends, family, and licensed professionals, if it came to that. This is a fanclub. This is not a trauma support group, and it's tacky and childish to go seeking attention in inappropriate places. Poster, you don't hate to bring this up, you love the attention and thrive on it. If you hated to bring it up, you WOULDN'T bring it up. Every state in the US has a place you can go for free counseling. They all have helplines and resources that are free to access and appropriate. If you live outside of the US and have the kind of time to devote to the internet that you do, then you're either in Canada or the UK, which has national healthcare. There are also multiple rape and sexual abuse trauma support circles and forums on the internet. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE PLACES. THIS IS A FREAKING FANGIRL GROUP. I'm done with you loonies. 90% of you are mentally unbalanced.
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Would you guys please stop feeding the drama? If you can't get over it, at least have some self-respect and keep your personal demons personal. You were offended. Everybody gets that. But this is NOT an appropriate place for this sort of outburst. You're embarrassing the rest of the community.
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I'm the one that complained, and it's kinda shabby for you to create a post about my comment, and yet not include the comment that I made. I was calling you out over referring to your photoshop filters as original paintings. I'm not debating what makes something art. Everyone's definition of art is different, and it isn't up to any one person to decide what is and is not art. But, there is a definition of what constitutes ORIGINAL work, and I took issue with you calling a few 30 second photo filters original work. Because that's not what it is. What you do professionally may be original, I would hope so, as you get paid for it, but a photoshop filter isn't. BTW, I don't have a problem with you calling me out over my comment - how could I when I called you out first? And in a public forum, no less? But next time you choose to do so, I hope you at least have the grace to do a quick cut and paste of what was said to you.
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I'm SORRY! I don't want to bring down the vibe of the board, but I just can't watch this anymore. Running photoshop filters over a pic you found on the web is NOT an original painting! You've been posting these "original" works of art all day long, and every single one of the is blatantly a photoshop. I find it incredibly disrespectful to all of the other artists that post their ACTUAL hard work here. That isn't to say that your photoshops aren't cool to look at and everything, but they aren't paintings, and you're taking credit for work you didn't actually do. I know I'll probably get chewed out by the politeness patrol, but I don't care. This insults actual artists.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on No title at Zachary Quinto
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I have a thought, and that thought is that you may be clicking on the wrong link when you come here. I believe that the website you're looking for to post every nuance of your boring day (what you've eaten, what your friends are doing, what's in the fridge, who's being loud and keeping you awake, etc.) is actually Please look into that.
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