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whats that bull about removing comments? did i say some truthes some bot doesnt wanna hear?? ty...wont write again. if you wanna read my comment, ask me inworld for a notecard. Everest Piek
EverestPiek first off: relatively strong is an expression as expandable or compressable as rubber. this might mean, that with cutting off and outsourcing complete departments they might cut costs, but my experience in such things like outsourcing is, that companies lose the direct communication with customers. let's see what happened to a referrable car company in my country: the company had been outsourcing a major part of their car parts production and a company taking over a major part of the production went bancrupt. direct result was, that they were not able to fulfill their contracts with car dealers and garages and, in the end, were forced to announce insolvency themselves. as a result of this chain reaction, other car part producers, contracted car dealers and garages lost a huge amount of income and partially had to quit as well. at the end of this chain though stood the customers with their cars, almost unable to get their EUR 30000,- expensive cars repaired although if they had even a guarantee still running - EUR 30000,- of scrap metal and pending compensation law suits that probably will take the insolvency officer decades to fulfill. Philip Rosedale had a dream, when he founded Linden Research Inc., and evryone who joined SL for seriously seeing a possibility to realise his ideas - i am sure - was sharing this dream. If someone tries to crap your dream, what would you do? Communication with the (customer) base is what does not only keep companies together and in the race, but countries, too! i remember 20 years ago when the so called turn flushed the communist governments in central and eastern europe. there was a huge awakening and questions about the big WHY: easy enough. the idea of communism wasnt too bad, but those governments lost their communication to the base - the people on the street. some road worker who had only an 8th grade school education pretty much brought it to a point: if you cap the lines, dont be surprised if you cant talk to anyone and people are doing what they want! If you guys at Linden Labs are capping the lines now, I give you 2, maximal 3 years more to exist, not to talk about decades of compensation charges after the end.
Well, Emily, I can't agree with you. Some ppl are kids at heart and i have to tell you: not evryone is thinking the ways you are apparently doing. therefore such a long post is more than "creepy crap" as you call it. why didnt you just read what albert had to tell? - oh...wait - that would have meant for you to think...sorry, but thats how it sounds to me. casting stuff off like that isn't really telling about intelligence.
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"They can walk, follow, sit, use pose balls, stand, fly, talk, shout, dance, attack, change clothing and MUCH much more..." odd that they shall attack...or follow. i had a bunch of perverts asking me in these 2 years i am on about becoming their slave. they mostly ended where all tos-violators are ending. and this is sounding to me VERY similar. siting on poseballs can be ok to have breakfast. but there are other poseballs i wouldnt like to see any kid-av at all on. its all going to the old "ooh look, another kid av in a perverted scene" and soon there will be again calls for banning kid avs again. :(
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To the notecard quoted above: "Kids that are strippting you off land or money", you should see those "kids". Their are faster on a black list than they will find new parents. To be a Kid in SL is more than to have pocket money. In the contrary: My SL-Mother Connie gave me money only once and I never had asked her for money anyways. She gave it to me to buy an item and I only reluctantly agreed and forced her to agree to take the money back asap. Being a Child in SL is about the fun you cannot have as a "Grownup" in SL. Acting foolishly, sometimes even completely wrong, without having to fear the consequences an Adult would have to. Those cheaply made bots wont last long, I am pretty sure. it takes more than a kid shape and some nicely set phrases to have a child in sl you can hang your heart on.
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