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Sister Hairy Hymen
Here and now
Im a DJ from Hell.
Interests: Music, Dead things that smell funny,Black Metal, classical music, Progressive Music,
Recent Activity
Hail check this out D8A107E8188E8E21056AEA1FB8A878972F6B46 Put this a search engine and see what comes up. My solution for bloggers of music.
I just got some stuff from the Hillbilly ranch So great Doo wop stuff. I thought I had the master DOO WOP collection however I found even more stuff I didnt have. Thanks for turning everyone on to these blogs
I cant beleive I am the first to comment on this Update, all the album in this one are super cool, the Guitar killers and the South Africa freedom songs are esp top nothch!
Yeah it worked thanks. I use winzip and never had a problem I found out that cut and paste only works if you cut and paste the right password whicj I did from your post.. Im a computer IDIOT.
Has anyone besides me had a problem with the pass word for the tuvian singers. I cant get the password to work.
John Gordon was a hero of mine when I was groing up, I played trombone, the man had a set of chops. I had this album for many years but had my stuff stolen bacxk in 81 when I was living in Syaracuse New York. Eventualy I got most of the stuff back but my record collection was never recovered. Thankx made my day
I wish I could get the link to work for the christmas doo wop but TRIED and it wont work. Why do people do that in first palce? If they want to share then share. Not make it impssible to get it. Then again it might be a dead link
"Yup, He Studied Ethnomusicology at Columbia Segun Bucknor ~ "Poor Man No Get Brother" Is there a download link to this album or is the one track it? Thanks for the killin jive album I keep forgetting about Uncle Gil.
I was hoping the Song by Savannah Churchill Fat meat is good meat would be on this album. Ive been looking for this track for a while, as I like songs that have double meanings like Bo Carters risque blues stuff. alss the track wasnt here however the album is quite good.
A record just for ME I just threw out my meds Im cured.
I had this album sitting on my shelf for a few years Just heard it today after seeing it here. Very cool indeed.
Damn not one east coast beer. Come on, there is Old Saratogs Brewery that make a double IPA that is to die for. Dogfishhead in Delaware that make 90 min Ipa. and so on.Lake Placid PuB and Brewery make s UBU. Strong Brown ALE.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2009 on Let's Talk About Beers at WFMU's Beware of the Blog
These finds never cease to amaze me. I used a post a week or so ago to put together a Blues show @ and Yes I gave credit where I got the album. The Detroit Ghetto blues compilation was too good not to not use as entire show.