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Anything that falls under Roger Ebert's greatest movies list NEEDS to be on Netflix. Below are the titles that are missing: -L'Atalante -Leon Morin, Pretre -Mon Oncle D'Amerique -Shoah -The Fall of the House of Usher -The Great Dictator -The World of Apu -WR: Mysteries of the Organism -Yellow Submarine
Netflix is doing us a favor by delaying their release of Whiteout and Invention of Lying. Two horrible flicks. 28 days? They should delay these for 28 years.
Easily deserves it. Saved the public more than $2mil a year on late fees and gas alone driving to Blockbuster. One of the few companies that is ran exceptionally well.
There's no point in ripping anymore. Cost of renting DVDs have gotten so cheap, the time spent ripping and organizing DVDs is not worth it. My time is more important.
Talk about an idea that's 10 years too early. Just goes to show how important/lucky timing is. The internet and low-shipping cost of DVDs is what made this idea into a billion dollar business.