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Let Me Findout Quan Made Me Try Blue… Here's to hoping mine works RCCF12%
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2014 on Spring Fling Continues In Coral Gables at Canespace
Kids Don't Come to theU to Play Cupcakes Bottomline… Stop It…U Guys Act Like This U wasn't built a certain way…just because we are down DOES NOT mean change the formula …U schedule the BEST so there is NO Misunderstanding Who is the BEST.. I guess U Guys Forgot that tho huh?? Lets Schedule Bethune Cookman and Brag what the Defense Did… Lets Get Chattahoochie State and Brag how the Offense lit em up for 70 right? smh Shenanigans I Swear!! RCCF
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2014 on Lord It's Hard To Be Humble at Canespace
Yes theDude…. I have not been able to even open the site for over hrs… it made work hella boring.. RCCF ….and I Go Blue ….
Toggle Commented Mar 6, 2014 on Lord It's Hard To Be Humble at Canespace
Sinister...I think I speak for all HELL NO!! sorry SOUP.. Alfred is more like Clappy if anyone.. RCCF
and how does Alfred answer his own issue of not having talented kids who are coming from winning programs and etc etc.... He Loses top notch FL kids to EVERYONE and replaces them with EastCoast JUCO's and FL leftovers...smh...I just can't right now.. RCCF...
Golden really thinks that a 3-4, conservative, read-and-react defense is the Way To Go. He thinks D'No is RIGHT to design his defense the way he has." The career TE with the defensive philosophy, lol maybe it worked against him Posted by: SinisterCane | January 15, 2014 at 11:46 AM ----------THIS----------- Is My Gripe...Why in the H E Doubles are we leaning on a TE to tell our Defense what is best...Do we go to China Wok for Burgers? So its ok look for Nike in the Adidas store too right? UGH the stupidity of it all and the fact some really believe in this boob of an idea that a 3-4 Defensive Scheme from the brain of a TE and his mignon are actually not working because MIAMI(DAMNIT the U) Does have the talent U guys are better than me I will DAMN if a Nittany is gonna say our kids are lacking Talent when PSU couldn't spell Talent if U gave them the first 3 letters..Ok that is my rant for the day and as the Herb would say "we lost another DL"...UGH...Im trying not to but Im really starting to hate the Nittanies...They are our Titanic. RCCF12%....looking forward to positive days!!
LoL...and the Defense needs to force the team to an 8-5 record for U to believe that serious changes need to be made? Dude look Im as positive as they come but here is where we divide the line...U sir are looking at a product in motion working towards fixing (ie Trending Up)...I believe most of us are looking at a team that is either stagnate or well poorly coached...Randy or not U cannot take away that he left this defense in far better shape than they are now and the fall off is NOT in full on the NCAA cloud...NO it is not fully Alfred's fault as I have said over and over and over again if he is going to raise his hand and say I Am This Defenses Mastermind with his opposite hand he should say I am also a lifetime TE and I have NO CLUE what a good defense should look like anyway..Truth is Truth and since U like to find things find me some championship coaches who are taking full responsibility for a side of the ball that they don't profess to be good all...Next Please Explain to Me What it is that U guys see that obviously U are the only that see...Yes we want change can U blame us..(Kanye Rant)U Don't Got the but really I do want to know these things 30 and GoCanes?? RCCF12%
Wonder who Alfred promised Hurns #1 since he didn't let Berrios get it? RCCF
Wonder why noone ever comes looking to steal our or GoCanes wanna give positive feedback on that one? RCCF
Alfred needs to have a sitdown with the Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment Today...So HE can tell that Jabroni Exactly what he can do with his rooty poot excuses and Golden Defensive Schemes...Bring Back the 4-3 without the Swiss Cheese and we will all be happier...BottomLine Offense Scores Points but DEFENSE Wins GAMES!! RCCF
No Swiss Cheese!! RCCF
4-3... No Swiss Cheese!! RCCF12%
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2014 on By The Numbers: Against The Wind at Canespace
Is there ANY way possible to make ppl shut up about Shannon already sheesh...The man was dealt a bad hand..much like our President he takes the brunt end of criticism for wht the boob before him did.. It Is Soooooooooo Appaulling that CANES fans of all ppl are still riding the man in the dirt as if he isn't a die hard CANE but support Coker as if he didn't start this mess by going after kids like Kirby Freeman and Kyle White....UGH U guys are so fair weather some times too much time away from the field gives U time to type crap....Glue ya thumbs to your face dummies Shannon was NOT the problem..for ppl tht have so much inside info I swear tht one thing pisses me off to the highest leve of pisstivity with U guys....Either Win With Us Now or SHUT UP.. 12%TRUECANEFAN...NO FAIRWEATHER or TROLLING In ME..RCCF..Firing the Bus Back Up Smh@Losers still dogging Shannon..
82 is Definitely Down.... Hmmm Ohio weren't U predicting L's?? IDK we gotta check wit WillieWill Bus Security.. Told U Guys This Bus was gon be GREAT This Year (even tho I say that every year) Why Predict L's if U wanna be a realist be a fan of Volleyball or Golf or some other sport that hasn't lost its integrity for money lol...this here is Football and NOBODY does it like the U.. Undefeated or Bust.. 12%4-Life RCCF12%
WillieWill said the Doors on the Bus are CLOSED....Even said that this Bus has NO BRAKES....NONE....UNDEFEATED EVERY YEAR IS THE MANTRA AND 12% WE DON'T BELIEVE IN LOSING....NEITHER SHOULD U.. Stop Looking for L's...Canes Don't Do That.. RCCF12%Always
My Official LOF's Offense: Philip Dorsett Defense: Jimmy Gaines Freshman: AQM Coach: The Artist Formally Known as No'D Bonus: Clive the Glide Walford 12%- Last Count was 8 (right?) Love Seeing WWiN kick ppl off the bus....And s/o to whoever wrote that great line about not being able to see why its SOOOOO Hard for Everyone to say Undefeated...14-0 CANES... RCCF
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2013 on #CanesCamp Moves On After CanesFest at Canespace
Any word on JaWand Blue???? RCCF
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on #CanesCamp Continues As Storms Roll In at Canespace
Defensive Freshman: Jermaine Grace Yup...those are my picks Final Answer.. RCCF12%
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on #CanesCamp Continues As Storms Roll In at Canespace
Offense: Clive Walford Defense: Jimmy Gaines (only because Jimmy Butler lit it up for the Bulls eht ehm SeeRED) something is saying Jimmy is 12% Freshman: OdogU Coach: D'FinallyOfrio(jus pure 12%optimism on that pick)... 12% keys jingling....WWiN WILL Kick U Off the BUS....Undefeated or Bust.. RCCF12%
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on #CanesCamp Continues As Storms Roll In at Canespace
It's a Great Day for 12%ing... Glad Alin Eduoard is still hanging tough... Glad the Space Seems REALLY UpBeat... 12-0 is of course my pick...1 L is acceptable but DEFINITELY not accounted for.. Can't Wait for Football.. RCCF12%
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2013 on Bigger, Faster, Stronger at Canespace
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2013 on Summer Is A Great Time For Flip Flops at Canespace
HALLELUJAH...TOWN COMMITED ELSEWHERE.. Personally Did NOT Want U ill will just seems when a kid is hyped and over dramatacized as he was U can keep him..I knw he is one of U guys family friend and all that jazz but Blah...Moving Along Alin Eduoard still on board I see and Kaaya talking to other guys Aiy???? Gotta love recruiting...More Importantly s/o to those that are at the U and working towards that ring....12% has your back boys...UNDEFEATED here we come...Punish the Doubters... RCCF12%....AllJackdUpOnMountainDew..Chip
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2013 on Summer Is A Great Time For Flip Flops at Canespace
NB: Lets get a better fan base in Miami. That's all people talk about when they don't come to the U, "the only reason I didn't chose the U is cause they games are dead." Everyone wants to play in front of lots of fans! Well there you have it 'Canes fans. If we want to continue to land kids like Bethel, we need to pack Sun Life Stadium game in and game out. Thanks again to Nigel for letting us catch up with him!! RCCF12% has been saying since the start of this blog..."piss poor fans = piss poor performance" One Day U Will Get It...Stop Blaming Kids for not wanting the U they don't wanna put up with fairweather fans who predict loses and think that their bread is too buttered to sit in the stands and watch the team...Just Like Heat fans Miami fanbase is Ehhhh....I Didn't say it a Miami HomeGrown Kid Said It...I have just been echoing it Forever.. Glad Ticket Sales are in the right direction Here is too a Better U and as always it starts with U.. Im Trying to Get to Game so I can at least say I have seen one in my lifetime up close and personal those of U that live in Florida have NO EXCUSE..Bottomline.. 12%or NOTHING ELSE...Since When is it cool to predict to Lose???? I Will Wait........ RCCF12%AlwaysOnTheBus
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2013 on Going Deep: Offense 2013 at Canespace
Here is an Article about Clowney and JayZ 12%RCCF....BringDown the $EC
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2013 on Good Vibrations at Canespace