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The article is excellent. I will get the book. However, "Ordinary Injustice: America's Judicial System Gone Awry," applies to our ENTIRE judicial system, not just criminal. Wrongful suit or abuse of power once one is involved in court abound, & it also affects most those in need & society at large- as much or more than criminal injustice (though any deliberate injustice at the hands of the legal system all by itself SHOULD warrant a criminal indictment & conviction)! Amy Bach says she's noticed that no one is telling the stories re abuse of power in crimiinal courts, that defenders often don't know facts of case well enough, that media & public ignore, etc. what is going on, etc. ALL the charges she makes vs the criminal system apply equally to the entire legal system! Why wouldn't they- it is all part of the same system & each part operates in mostly similar manner?! Those with less money &/or influence have far less chance of winning or defending themselves. No one really monitors unfair judges & lawyers as the system is ripe for abuse because again same issues- "professional allegiances, systemic problems, etc." The article ends asking why we don't tolerate such abuse of any other public system (& one comment says it will cause us to become 2nd rate democracy)but our legal system? Much has been written about how excessive legal costs raise malpractice premiums, promote defensive medicine, encourage lottery mentality due to high awards, etc., yet tort reform is not a visible part of health care reform proposals. An Illinois paper said they "import lawsuits & export jobs." A Florida paper said 1/3 of its small businesses incur excess costs & 1/10 have/will go out of business due to excess legal costs. But some stats show that divorce & family courts form the largest % of civil cases. It has become big business & it impoverishes entire families or more often one spouse relative to other. It hurts already troubled kids BIG time. In Brooklyn, NY a female judge just started ordering mulitple night overnight visitation with father who had 3 yrs supervised vistation due to criminal arrest (plea-bargained down to endangerment- another misused court practice) for sexually touching 2 of 5 kids. She said she'd handcuff & jail mother if she didn't comply! Fact that one child was so upset he didn't eat entire 5 day visit made no difference, or that therapist's letter said kids' too traumatised to have overnights, or fact it is illegal to change status without a hearing! The court-appointed lawyer for the kids twisted much data, though did say kids cried lots when visiting. The appellate court denied all but one of mother's appeals. Letters & calls to several chief judges, the police (told to call them by abuse hotline- so much for their help) yielded comments like-"it's up to the judge." I said not even Pres. Obama has a right to order kids into an abusive situation! Also, the father hasn't paid child support for 8 months even though he can well afford it. Lots has been written (plus nat'l conferences) re cases that are similar in many respects. One comment said they hoped Bach's book gets promoted by all major TV channels-I agree, but want it to include sustained nat'l discussion re establishing checks & balances on entire legal system TILL IT'S DONE! I've been requesting this for years- Google my name to see- Susan Titus Glascoff (I'm in 6 well-respected Who's Whos- including Who's Who in America, due to lifelong public advocacy, masters- Health Advocacy & Math, Exec. Dir. Nat'l Advisory Bd. to Nat'l Coalition for Family Justice)