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Pat Garcia
Being an American living in Europe is interesting. It was one of my dreams, and I am happy to be living it. I am a writer and singer from the heart and enjoy losing myself in my music or my writing. Living in Germany, I speak German fluently, am very good at writing and reading in the language. I am presently learning how to speak Italian, which is also helping me to recall the French language that I learned at the university. I am a voracious reader of books written in English, German, and Italian, regardless of whether the books are fiction or non fiction.
Interests: Reading, writing, singing, learning new technology, playing my piano, playing chess and running.
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Jamie studied the sea as she listened to the voices in her head. What had started out as an afternoon stroll to clear her head and to think over new plans that would challenge her and affect her destiny had become a bizarre test of her courage to outlived a high tide. Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2019 at Thinking It Over
Barren, she muttered, Her head hung low. What a horrible way to try and bring forth a harvest? Continue reading
Posted Oct 16, 2019 at Thinking It Over
The WEP Winners have been announced. The competition was stiff. There were so many great entries. Every year the step ladder rises higher. Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2019 at Thinking It Over
Hello Lee, I am sending you an email. Yes I still want to be a part of your launch. Shalom Aleichem, Pat G
Hello My Dear, You're so right. I didn't mean sully, I meant to write surly. Thank you for catching that. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Netta laughed at her first reaction to Jonathan’s discovery. The normally depressive, sully, and non-talkative man had come home and burst into her bedroom full of excitement. He’d found something he said, that she just had to see. She’d been curious. Since she’d known him, she’d never seen him get excited over anything. She went out with him that day to see what had put a smile on his face. Continue reading
Posted Aug 21, 2019 at Thinking It Over
Soon, she didn’t recognise who she was. When she looked into her mirror, she saw Cesare’s creation. The one he wanted to come home too. She’d managed to save only a tiny small piece of who she was hidden deep inside her and would visit whenever she could. Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2019 at Thinking It Over
Thank you so much. The story is the beginning of a novel or a novella. Not quite sure which at the moment. I’ll wait and see where Eula and Cesco take me. And of course aunt Hattie too although she has departed this earth. She had lots of surprises for Eula. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you. I planned the twists and I am hoping that i can build a story that will continue to wrap the reader’s mind in the world of Eula and Cesco and her belated aunt Hattie. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thanks so much. Sometimes things like this does happened. We just don’t hear about them. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you., Another good question that I don’t want to answer because i am in the middle of writing this story out. I am hoping it will be humorous and believable and at the same time a story incorporated with hope and perseverance. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thanks, Roland. The delay was intentional but that will come out in the book. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you, JQ, I’ll be by to visit you. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you. There are a lot of things left hanging intentionally because this will be a novel or a novella,. Not quite sure which. I am hoping it will be a very humorous story. This is either the beginning of the first chapter or the prologue. Not sure of that either. I’m just writing it as it comes. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you, Denise. I am loving writing about these two characters and about the belated aunt Hattie. I have lots to laugh about. Just hope it comes across in the book I. About your submission, I was surprised. Your story is always the first or second story that I read. Right now, I am still healing and there are some things that I’m sensitive too at the moment and they disturb my sleep. But I am getting better. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thanks, Toi. Yes there is a lot more. I’m not sure whether it will be a novel or novella but there is a lot more with this couple and with aunt Hattie. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank \you. I’m laughing because you caught on immediately to aunt Hattie”s trick. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you, Hilary≥ This is the beginning of a novel. I’m not sure I’m going to use this opening as a Prologue or as the first chapter. So glad ;the questions brought up questions. I want to hook my readers from the beginning. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you. The package did have a long journey but that’s the way the departed aunt Hattie had planned it. I’m still working on the story. i want to have a humorous but loving story but i am not sure how long it will be. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thanks.. That’s a long story but something one could expect from aunt Hattie as usually discovered. Something that Francesco had already figured out from Eula telling him about her. It will come out in the book. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thanks, Lee. Your questions will be cleared up in the manuscript, I am writing. It’s an installment from the novel or it might be a novella. I’m going to see where these two characters take me. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you. Eula’s aunt Hattie was quite a character. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thanks so much. They are a great couple with lots of surprises and I enjoy writing about them. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you for ;visiting. That’s a long story that will be revealed in ;a novel or novella. Not sure which format I will use at the moment. Shalom aleichem, Pat G
Thank you. Who knows? Maybe Eula is happy that aunt Hattie has crossed over and can no longer be hurt. Shalom aleichem, Pat g