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So happy to see this topic being looked at. We do very large projects and have what I like to think is a extremely complex issue when it comes to the "INDEX OF DRAWINGS" (IOD). We have consultants that use Revit and others that do not. Our IOD shows all the sheets on the project. The consultants information comes in several different forms but if we had a xls file I am sure we could get them to fill it out. Today we make a separate Revit file called consultants sheet that has fake sheets in it. We link that to the Revit file that hosts the IOD and schedule them together. Our projects are fast/hyper track / design build, so we have to keep track of each delta/ASI release and the date it was released. Today we have added parameters for each release date with a check box. When the release is ready to go the user must go to each sheet in the release and check the date box. What we need is the IOD to read the cloud and tag information and the revision list the same as the revision schedule does and list those as fields in the IOD. Just for a reference a complete set of drawings on one project can easily be more than 5000 sheets. Of course they do not fit on one sheet so the breaking schedules over several sheets becomes an issue as well.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on The Drawing List Neighborhood at Inside the Factory