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Florida Seniors Beware, FORGERY and FRAUD by PROBATE ATTORNEYS Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina, Judge Martin Colin states he has enough to read them MIRANDA'S. Deceased Executor Personal Rep closes estate for his deceased wife, acting as Personal Representative and Executor, yes, while dead. Notary Forges and Frauds Multiple Documents, attempt to make Post Mortem changes to beneficiaries. See the cases @
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what a joke, criminals investigating the criminals and writing exhonary letters while further destroying the whistleblowers and heroes trying to expose them, like going to Gestapo to complain Hitler is killing people illegally.
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iviewit August 27, 2010 5:51 AM Ok one last link to my Television Interview, Part 1 the Inventions, Part 2 the Crimes coming soon @ my three parts are interspersed throughout the show. enjoy . Read more: August 27, 2010 5:47 AM Release before that “NY TIMES REPORTS 80M SUIT CLAIMING WHITEWASHING IVIEWIT COMPLAINTS V. PROSKAUER & NY SUPREME COURT” “MANHATTAN FED BANKRUPTCY JUDGE MARTIN GLENN UNDER FIRE FROM TRILLION DOLLAR IVIEWIT INVENTOR ELIOT BERNSTEIN AS RELATED FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER CHRISTINE ANDERSON CALLS FOR FEDERAL SPECIAL PROSECUTOR” @ Now go do some real reporting and I await your call, unless attorneys run the place where I will never hear your voice. My number is 561-245-8588. Eliot
iviewit August 27, 2010 5:43 AM Independent my... BobbleHeaded Reporting or Script Reading from Network heads is not reporting it is annoying. Is Judith Kaye independent? Let's see the man who annointed her Chief Judge is Cuomo, so if Cuomo is conflicted she is conflicted. Judith Kaye is not a part of NY government, she works for Skadden and thus why would Cuomo appoint a citizen to do a prosecutors job unless this was a whitewash and cover up. Before reporting her independence it would be wise to fact check and perhaps investigate why normal channels were usurped. Perhaps I have the answer, Judith Kaye and Andrew Cuomo are defendants in a Federal RICO and Antitrust Lawsuit that Fed Judge Shira Scheindlin has legally related to a New York Supreme Court Whistleblower Lawsuit of Christine C. Anderson. Anderson claimed there was a "Cleaner" named Naomi Goldstein at the New York SUpreme Court who was cleaning complaints for US Attorneys, the NY DA and ADA and the NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Anderson and I both testified before the NY Senate Judiciary Committee headed by Hon. John Sampson in ongoing public office corruption investigations into the very courts Judith Kaye was head of. The whistleblowing has revealed a pattern of government corruption, a Tammany Hall on steriods about to blow. Yet where is the mainstream press to report TRUTH, not print script to protect the guilty. Eliot Bernstein, Inventor @ . Read more: