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ok heres my injustice. I too had to write sentences for punishment for no- reason. In Sixth grade I had social studies at the end of the day. Our teacher had other classes at the other part of the building so we were in class alone for the first 2-3 minutes of class. Well it made him very angry that we were talking after the bell rang so He kept warning us that he was going to punish us if we did not stop. Well I took him seriously. This day I was quiet and looking straight at him when he came in the door. My class however was not. So the whole class including me whom he saw not talking had to write 500 times. "i will not talk after the bell rings". I went up to him and I said you know I wasnt talking you saw me when you came in. His responce was I have to make you write because you are part of the class. Needless to say I was upset and I still had to write the sentences.
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