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@Borat no, the subtlety of the post, or actully not so subtle is that domains are an especially good asset beyond their general value because the manipulation of economic data and NUMBERS which has fleeced people and made other asset classes dangerous and manipulatable. Once again, thank you for your brilliant posts that have encouraged me to plant seeds. And, for your hard work in protecting domainers (new media property investors). I(we) will never be a Rick Schwartz or a Michael Berkins in our portfolios but this window of the last year was enough imho to pick up some monsters at $0.02 on the dollar or better. Thanks for sharing your info. We are dreamers and creative thinkers who despise an Office Space environment, getting our wings clipped and screwed out of commissions by crooked bosses etc. Domaining is still an opportunity to come up big time if you are intelligent and don't get distracted by "big brother".