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there is only so much fresh water
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lack of infrastructure for such a complex charging system..... no capital to pay or to be paid for the charge, of course unless you are going to cover the cost for all the stations required for all the cars and all the associated infrastructure, maintenance, abuse, vandalism, and theft..... Just saying Bicycle is a great way of travel...
Let us look this data was collected....... 60% People I know go 35- 60 miles in a day. Granted sometimes in less then 10 mile increments, but still travel more than 35 miles a day. Bicycle is a great way of travel....
HarveyD - Currently, the majority of hydrogen (∼95%) is produced from fossil fuels by steam reforming or partial oxidation of methane and coal gasification with only a small quantity by other routes such as biomass gasification or electrolysis of water..... Wiser??? Do you work for the oil companies??
Over 30% of the gas/diesel stations in our area have already closed due to lack of customers mainly due to more efficient smaller ICEVs and fast growing number of HEVs and PHEVs. Where did you get this information???
I Like to call them the regulators. They always have been and will always remain... The efficiency is to get them to see the intrinsic value With very little extra expenditures. In other words to show that its in the best interest of their bank accounts,always the bottom line... Humans by nature want to care, but by distraction argue. Interestingly I am at Lake Havasu City by the London Bridge and have watched 200-400 $80,000+ boats go by in the last 4 hours seem like these folks are doing ok..??
CARB laws passed in 1974 have worked in the LA Basin. There are more types of cars in the LA basin today with cleaner air. Quit pretending the CARB Laws didn't work. Look at all the studies publish on green car congress... Banning personnel preference vehicles (transportation) for any reason is dictatorship... the beginning of the great fall remember Rome... Start being efficient in all things you do including thought processes. Thrive...
A National Strategy For Energy Security Don't forget to read end. Imagine the jobs created by converting cars to NG and can't forget maintence. And not too bad on the air in ppm comparatively, would reduce emission noticeably. Please don’t forget how much of this resource is being burned off daily WITH NO MANAGEMENT...
@ Future driver less e-vehicles + appropriate communication-control system could handle more traffic with higher safety? Follow me and repeat 27 times? Then it becomes real! Its close to april fools Imagine if humans took driving seriously Realized it’s a privilege to maneuver an ICE or whatever through life. Not a right!!! We all share the road and should respect each other’s privilege to move in coexistence with each. We would NOT need a machine... Let me see if I get this right You really want the cloud to drive your car.
CAFE standards have been in place since 1978. NHTSA has the responsibility for setting and enforcing CAFE standards. EPA is responsible for establishing fuel economy test procedures and calculation methods, and for collecting data used to determine vehicle fuel economy and manufacturer CAFE levels.
kelly, Bottom line I can install inefficient cheap solar panels on your house for $5.00 usd a watt right now. But the production you will see is based on the area of usable sunlight, which at most homes doesn’t pencil out. This is the truth. Get your monthly bill out, go to any solar calculator put your useable roof area in. See all the upfront costs to install. I suggest using real world simulations if you need help just say so, I would like all too really understand the value of solar panels install on homes. Will it help? Anything helps; the problem is people that live paycheck to paycheck cannot afford the upfront cost, so the government had to help. In the real world if there was a profit to be made Business would jump all over this. Right now the side line why businesses are installing solar panels for lease is then they own the carbon credits and now why do companies want carbon credit’s? So they can pollute the air we breathe and not fix their non-compliant plants, all different types of processing plants. Carbon credits are much cheaper than bringing the plants into EPA compliance. kelly no matter what you think or say this is the truth. In the end solar panels do create electricity, but at this date the panels that really work patents have been bought and buried ie. Solar PV with thermal cooling transfer these panels were made by a German company and disappeared in one week after public introduction I didn’t save the info on these panels and still kick myself in the anyways. Yesterday a record was set in solar panel technology thin film panels achieved 18.5 % efficiency. check al_vins link.
kelly, Can you please pass the rose color glasses and call me when you have warrantied a solar panel though anyone. You really have take a look closer at the specification sheet fine print on all panel manufactures. Than put the numbers togther yourself do not read from a book or the internet Using all energy used to place the solar array system in service, The building orientation, real hours of usable sunlight at the location, the correct azimuth, tilt, latitude, longitude and the real efficiency numbers for the panels selected, do not forget the accessories ie. Inverter, switch, cable and the energy used to produce them then using the manufactures information on degradation complete the math. Oh yea don’t forget the trucks, ships, airplanes, that deliver the equipment to the site and the energy used at warehouse, heat, cooling, fork lift where it was stored prior to delivery. Remember the whole system took energy to produce and it takes the whole system to produce energy. Anyone can single out an item and make it sound good. I sure all this really doesn’t matter to you, but what I mentioned and some that I missed is the amount of energy placed on almost all objects produced from the smallest to the largest. All this will not be done with batteries or solar or wind alone…
Here is the completed the side note statement most panel manufactures start the degradation cycle 1 to 3 years into the panel life
kelly here is the wikipedia link on Lifespan Most commercially available solar panels are capable of producing electricity for at least twenty years.[citation needed][58] The typical warranty given by panel manufacturers is over 90% of rated output for the first 10 years, and over 80% for the second 10 years.[citation needed] Panels are expected to function for a period of 30 to 35 years.[citation needed] Just a side note most panel manufactuers start the degradation Please note 90% and 80% of rated output is not efficancy, thee best panel on the market today is rated at 33% efficient and it take 3.3 years to payback the energy used to produce it Knapp and Jester studied an actual manufacturing facility and found that, for single-crystal-silicon modules, the actual energy payback time is 3.3 years. This includes the energy to make the aluminum frame and the Energy to purify and crystallize the silicon. (K. Knapp; T.L. Jester, “An Empirical Perspective on the Energy Payback Time for PV Modules.” Solar 2000 Conference, Madison, WI, June 16–21, 2000).
@ Bell/ATT/NASA first used solar cells in the 1950's, 25 year lifespans are well know. Wind mills/turbines before that. Lifespans and efficiencies are different; panels can still exist but no longer produce. Wind mills and turbines need to be rebuilt to be efficient. There is an energy cost associated with all of these activities. kelly your numbers have no meaning they appear to be here-say
Might as well read the report yourselfs. See who the players really are. It’s very interesting how some do not want to see things in how many efficient cycles in its life cycle before loss occurs and what are the efficiency ratings during this time. It’s like these manmade objects will last forever and take no energy to create. They will not break and take no maintenance. True costs at this time are unknown. These same people would have us think that these corporations are doing this to save the world, not for profit an ROI and that the truth is saving the world is only a bi-product of corporate greed.
@ I don't care whether anyone finds it "comforting" or not, autonomous cars will not just be *available,* at a certain point they will be *mandatory.* Since when did this world become a dictatorship and are you buy everyone a car. Wake up!!! In Garmin we Trust. GPS is purposely made not accurate by the government, How many updates will an autonomous vehicle require to keep all safe headed in the right direction during road work WAKE UP!!! Teaching Humans to drive properly and respect the rules of the road, learn how their vehicle handles in all road conditions would make this whole discussion go away. While creating real jobs with meaning. Just Imagine when you’re driving down the road and everyone has comparable driving skills so when it rains, snows, going downhill, going uphill, hey how about this one: stopping at a stop sign, then all can act like license drivers. WOW what a concept..
Lets see Internet, malware, push technologies ie. apps (Find cheapest gas, Sale on items right now near you.) are going to make a car safer? I drive the 405, 53 miles one way every day where drivers dont understand merging means leave room to let another car onto the freeway. Maybe there will be a app. @ Does anyone not realize that car connectivity is here to stay, and development of driver-assist systems are well underway to take care of 'distracted driving" permanently? Total autonomous cars, sleep until you arrive at your designation the car will wake you up. That is a comforting thought.
For thee elite rich kids (not Obamas $250,000 a year rich) to play with and to be green. you know GREEN so they don't cause Global warming. What else.
Read about the Honda FCX Clarity FCEV price of $600.00 USD per month for 3 years which includes collision coverage, all maintenance and roadside assistance. As it is still available only for leasing, and only in Southern California, where public hydrogen refueling stations are available. Honda has a vested interest in California and seeing this through. I have followed the life of this car and Honda has spent $$$, they are working on a home filling station. The FAA might not license their Jet but California wants their car and they want their returns. Don't think that Honda hasn't been bending Jerry Brown's ear: California Governor’s Office releases 2013 ZEV action plan; 1.5M ZEVs on CA roadways by 2025
HarveyD Who is paying you? Are you able to read a published paper and understand it? Otherwise you should write to Anthony S. Wexler and Kent Pinkerton and tell them why their study is flawed. Have you ever lived in California?
The Law of Conservation of Energy Energy in a system may take on various forms (e.g. kinetic, potential, heat, light). The law of conservation of energy states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore the sum of all the energies in the system is a constant. Just keeping it real and trying not to be incomplete or bias. You have got to love Science, Math and Physics.
BW - let’s keep hoping, but the jobs and the technology being developed locally would be better than hoping. As for shipping you might like this fact, Ocean freight costs about $30 a short ton (0.91 metric tons) to send hay to Asia from Los Angeles, compared with $53 to truck the crop from southern California to the center of the state, according to Greg Braun, the president of Border Valley Trading LLC, you can check it out Oh by the way I learned this from Green Car Congress MM tweet TT - just keeping it real :)
A White House report sent to Congress in August 2012 estimated the sale of the remaining G.M. stock acquired by the United States Treasury during the company's bankruptcy would result in a loss of $25.1 billion to the American taxpayer. The total cost to the taxpayer will be determined after the government sells its 26% stake in G.M. and its 74% stake in Ally Financial, formally known as GMAC, G.M.’s financing arm. Just keeping it real.