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I am so looking forward to this season....I am feeling more and more optimistic about the chances of an ACC and even possible National Championship berth the closer we get......There are five games I want to see the Canes win so bad I can hardly control myself. The Canes win these five games and I will be jubilant! Ohio State - Revenge, need I say more Clemson - Also, revenge for last year's debacle Florida State - Gotta have it Virginia Tech - More sweet sweet revenge North Carolina Be nice to beat these guys like we ought too!! I will be on the lookout for other canespacers at the Clemson game...taking my daughter (who is a Clemson fan)....
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Thanks Unger....Never left, read the Space me a nice distraction from work.....I remember when the Canes getting screwed on a call at least once a game was commonplace. I look forward to those days again. Reason being, that means the Canes are back on top and scaring the living daylights out of every other team in college football. And when it comes to Ohio State this year, I will take a quote from Remember the Titans... "Run it up, Randy! Leave no doubt!" Which team do most Cane fans hate more? FSU or Florida? I would say FLorida cause they refuse to play us on a regular basis. I can at least respect FSU because they never droppped us off the schedule.
Being a Cane fan stuck in SC (especially after last year's tough loss to Clemson) has been rough. I look forward to this year's game in Death Valley! My daughter is a Clemson fan and she and I will be there. Hope to run into some other Canespacers there!
Great article! I would love to have had some of that happen. I remember the days when Miami getting screwed was a huge deal and had an impact on the rest of the college football season and who got to what championship game. The powers that be wanted Oklahoma to play against a weaker FSU team because they KNEW that the Canes would have beaten that vaunted Oklahoma team. In the Washington game that year, there was another bad call. Dorsey went back to pass and as his arm was moving forward, the ball came loose and was ruled a fumble. The ensuing Husky drive resulted in a touchdown. What a screwjob!
Wish they would just teach the o-line how to block. And it would be nice to see Jacory run even though that would make him more vulnerable to injury...
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2009 on Are We Out Of Miracle Whip? at Canespace