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Robert, welcome back. I hope you had a restful holiday. Thanks for shedding light on this issue. We have policies, procedures and training in place to ensure we're compliant with Title VII (and to do what's right). But, there's a scenario that's always concerned me: Let's assume a prospective client requests a caregiver of a certain ethnicity. And, our staff tells her that we cannot assign caregivers on the basis of race. But, the client agrees to start service anyway. Then, we assign the caregiver to the case based on our established practices (skill set, proximity, etc). And, she happens to be of the ethnicity requested. Is it possible to get in hot water because our schedulers coincidentally staffed a caregiver of a requested race? We always tell our clients up front that it's our policy to not staff caregivers on the basis of race. We never document those requests and our schedulers would likely not know of the client's original request... Thoughts?
Assuming the number of legitimate outlier patients stays flat, more agencies will pop up to fill the void left by capped out providers. More agencies will stretch regulators thinner, making oversight less frequent. curb fraud, they've created a scenario that reduces oversight...
Robert, thank you for keeping us current on this. Do you expect the NPDA, NAHC or other home care trade groups to take similar action?
Great idea. Where are the best places to find awards we may be eligible for? Any good lists?