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I have 382 movies in my queue, with no waits in the first 100. Just add the new movies to your queue, but leave them at the bottom. People get in to this Very Long Wait problem when they move all the new releases to the top of their queue. This is a non-issue for me.
I loved my first one so much, I bought a second one for upstairs. Pandora is a nice side benefit, but not reason enough for me to buy the device. Amazon is used sparingly. Revision3 and TwitTV are nice diversions. Things that'd I'd change, that I could see happening? Searching/adding to netflix queue from the Roku. Streaming of local content apparently is being looked at for a future firmware update. Things that I'd like but probably won't ever happen: Hulu Channel. Hulu's fight with Boxee pretty much indicates that Roku Channel won't be coming, no matter how cool it would be. Awesome little box.