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Hello Julia, I was told in order to get my debtor's car, (which is always parked in garage in a condo since he does not work and homeowners can't park in visitor parking), I'd need a Seizure Order. Which is written by me on as a pleading to the judge. Problem is, the Small Claims Legal advisor said, once the judge reviews the pleading; they NOTIFY the debtor about the upcoming auto seizure and give him 10 days to reply to the court or APPEAR. Isn't the point of a seizure to go and get the property without giving the debtor the "heads-up" to park elsewhere? I need this car out of the garage and sold ASAP, the 2 judgments are over a year old and I can't garnish wages since he does not work. His house is in foreclosure an if he moves, which he will have to, I'll never find him or any assets again. He drives a 2001 vehicle, so I ASSUME it's paid off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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