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I studied buddhist thought with someone whose specialty was both eastern religion and language. Some people translate the word as attachment. Some people as desire. But he said the most accurate translation was thirst. The key to ending suffering was to stop thirsting for things. It's the self-absorbed pursuit of things we can't have that makes us unhappy. You are absolutely correct that it does not mean disengaging. Clearly Thich Nhat Hanh is engaged with the world. But his engagement is not driven by the fulfillment of his own desire/thirst. Rather it is a commitment to ending suffering...supposedly, anyway :)
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I know this is depressing, but Greta is right about support for gay marriage being related to age. And Maine has the oldest population of all the states (at least as of 2005). I'm frankly astounded it did as well as it did.
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Sorry, but I too think it is nuts to award the peace prize to someone who is fighting two wars, defending indefinite detention, and refusing to prosecute criminals (who he is required by law and treaty to prosecute). It's just a bit much.
All true, but I will also say that people have a responsibility to inform themselves. I try to be patient, but there are many people in the world who, coming from a position of "the norm," make no effort at all to understand other points of view. It may be the first time people are hearing things, but for some it is the first time because they have remained willfully insulated and ignorant.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2009 on Atheism and Patience at Greta Christina's Blog
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