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I'm glad to see the discussion come around from vitriol to some kind of kindness and understanding. This is what I like to see from the indie craft community. Obviously, ignorance is not an excuse for theft, but I am surprised at Spoonflower's willingness to expose Melissa to so much public abuse. Did they really need to post the Etsy listing? Or leave the comment with the link to her web site unedited so people can let her know "how they feel"? The same openness that allows an online community to thrive unfortunately also allows people to let their emotions fly without learning the whole story (or exposing their own identities). I have had to send cease-and-desists of my own, but never has the offender meant any malice and the situation was always resolved quickly and without harm. Copyright law can be very confusing. I see unintentional infringements at every craft fair I go to. What we need (and what some gracious and polite commenters provided above) is education, not verbal lynching.
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