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Bill Herring
Austin, TX
Branding & Sponsorship Craftsman
Interests: F1 Motor Racing, LeMans, endurance racing, cycling, running, swimming, diving with whale sharks and rays, blogging, Web 2.0, corporate branding, corporate sponsorship
Recent Activity
Nice piece that spells out a capability that few companies have, thanks for posting. Seems simple, staying true to your brand and not threatening your own identity. But so many companies compromise their identities and perhaps cater too much to the whims of a market. Calls for careful decision making based on a brand heritage built over time.
Keep in mind that corporate sponsorships can also drive awareness in a significant way. Done well, sponsorships should also increase brand preference and directly lead to sales. Research your customer's interests and activities, what competitors are doing for sponsorship, then find that sweet spot where you can "own" an event or program for your product category and target audience. Realize that the sponsorship is just getting your foot in the door. Activation programs that build awareness and allow for interaction/relationship-building will drive preference and sales.