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One of Daggett's people, who sounds a lot like LC, was at our school on Friday, September 4, 2009. She was spilling anectdotes, some unbelievable, with no real data. The problem for me, a lowly nothing teacher, is that when I find you out in a lie, I then do not trust most of what you say to me. I do love my job, enjoy most of my students, and care very much about education. Lying and educating do not go together. Truth and education are better partners. We were forced to attend one of Daggett's sessions in Philadelphia last spring. At the end, I asked the teacher next to me, "What are we supposed to do now, take rifles and go after the Chinese?". The presentation was a cross between a revival meeting and a carnival show. I watched many teachers respond to his xenophobic speech with enthusiasm. Teachers who dare to question Daggett, his people, or his methods, are singled out as reactionary incompetents who ought to quit or retire. Principals do target people who disagree with his program. Several schools in Philadlephia are now under his thumb, thanks to funding provisions from NCLB. I am so relieved to find this site. In confirms my suspicions.
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