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I'm praying... we are praying! 'Oh God, hear our prayers for Ava - and may You be glorified!'
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2010 on Will You Pray? at Mark Beeson
Sorry Cbarbour, can't let you get away with that argument - comparing the supposed plight of the homosexuals to slavery and racism - an old and long discredited arguement. Further you are missing Mark's point - that homosexuality as a celebrated choice in America by proclamation of the President is more than seeking 'justice and equal rights' for homosexuals. There's a very negative spiritual componet to this proclamation. You may celebrate it and think that it is well deserved, but for me, I'm with Mark and shake my head and say 'is this the pathway to a holy nation?' BTW: I'm not trying to change your mind Cbarbour, but at least be consistent and support the 'Celebrate Adultery Month' as they should certainly get the same rights and recognition as gay couples don't you think?
Cbarbour: So by your rational we should have a "Celebrate Adultery Month." Certainly don't want those who cheat on their spouses to "feel" like second class citizens do we? Let's just make everything be right regardless of what God says in His word so everyone can feel good. Why should we pay attention to God anyway just because he says something is right and something else is wrong? We should decide for ourselves shouldn't we? I think this is the same conversation Eve had with Adam.... Opps
I am not a pastor – although I come from a line of pastors from a denomination not dissimilar to the UMC. Mark, your comments on lame excuses could apply to many main-line denominations today. The fact as you mentioned is that most of these denominations have seen massive movements away from their churches. Mark, your church within the UMC is an exception from this and therefore gives you the right to not only pose these questions but to write the book to answer these questions. Many comments have talked about ‘calling’ and certainly this is important. But maybe more important in answering the question on ‘why UMC? ‘ relates to giftedness. I know you Mark from many years ago and your giftedness is well suited to work within a large denomination and become a shining light within a vast array of dimming and burned out light bulbs(maybe that’s worded too strongly, but you get the point). Your infectious personality, encouragement and optimism are what’s required for the task as you persevere and seek excellence for God’s glory. Obviously, God is honoring the effective uses of these gifts (and gifts of your staff) with a ministry that reaches around the world, and has become an example of what can be accomplished through the UMC. As a businessman I have seen one’s giftedness flourish in one business setting and flounder in another. Some businessmen get regenerated at the thought of being able to turn a failing business around while others – just as talented – become so overwhelmed and ineffective at making tough decisions incumbent with a successful turnaround. One is gifted in facing change, and pushing the status-quo while the other is gifted in utilizing current systems and cultures to excel even further. My question to the perspective pastor – ‘What is your giftedness?’ To phrase it differently(or certainly longer), ‘What makes you want to get out of bed two hours earlier than your alarm clock is set for so you can get working on the ideas that have kept you up all night?’ It’s that fire in you that points you in the direction of being a pastor planting an independent church, or a pastor in a large successful church, or a pastor in a denomination that is shrinking and needs help for survival. The ‘call’ to serve God can be accomplished either way.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Methodist Monday / Post #1 at Mark Beeson