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. Abandon worries all ye who enter Israel ! Welcome ! .
Ye, And what's next ? DIMONA ?... You will have to pull my teeth out before. IDIOTS!
You honor Judge Dawson ! Listen to me ! Issue an Global arrest warrant against Rifka's "PARENTS & Co," NOW ! On grounds :- 1 - Rifkas "Parents & Co." initiated this ' MACABRE COURT PROCEEDING ' in order to:- Hide the fact that their presents the US is illegal! Hide the fact that Violence, Degradation, Insult and much more were Rifka's daily bread in her past! The "Forces" involved, are driven by a Mafia code of honor ! (See "Don Corleone" ! ) Parent, who allow their "beloved daughter" go trough this HELL, should be put in front of a firing squad! And her little brother... What is his purpose in life today? And what if he says :- Sorry, "I'm a ' vegetarian ?".... More to come! 2 - The most basic rights:- To Live,To Exist, To think + 1000 other things which YOU CONSTITUTION WAS DESIGN TO PROTECT, are cynically violated minute by minute by elements whose sole "AGENDA" is to replace it with a "BETTER SYSTEM"... (1400 years old). 3 - Your honor Judge Dawson, I was not present at your court yesterday or at any of your court sessions in the past. ( I Live 8,000 miles away...). All I know that Rifka deserves Justice and above all OUR PROTECTION ! With humble respect, The dust under your feet, Me.
"This is the liquid I use to wash the medication (whitch I have to take 7 times a day ! ) down my throat instead of the 'Liquid Drain Cleaner' I was drinking till now". "My employer, (in my new job...) insists that I shampoo my head with this liquid and shave my head with this knife to make sure that it is fit for "KOSHER" slaughter!...".
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I'm cracking up! This slow motion utinesia is driving me nuts! How can a 17 years old Rifka keep on thinking rationally and live her present life with such dignity and determination under this pressure? It is beyond my grasp!!
Shalom Pamela, The Mufti of Jerusalem: Haj-Amin el-Husseini and National-Socialism (Hardcover) =========================== Jennie Lebel's well documented study of the "Grand" Mufti of Jerusalem - he himself apparently added the "grandeur" to his official title - highlights the significant role that this Muslim religious leader played in the Holocaust. Haj-Amin el-Husseini spent most of the Second World War in Berlin in the company of his friend Adolf Hitler and Hitler's henchmen. He appears to have been more vicious than Hitler, because on more than one occasion his pleas torpedoed proposals, that Hitler had endorsed in principle, to save the lives of Jewish children by exchanging them for German citizens held by the Allied Powers. Husseini made clear that he preferred to have them sent to Poland where they would be put in the gas chambers. The Mufti and his Arab and Muslim collaborators were thus actively involved in - not simply innocent spectators of - Jewish genocide. No surprise then that the most recently organised Holocaust denial convention to "prove" the opposite was held in Iran whose impartial leaders would be happy to rewrite history to sanitise their threat to "wipe Israel off the map" of the Middle East. =========================== P.S. Guess who is the translator!?...
This billboard was designed as a 'Killing zone' for us "THE GANG" to discharge our anger,fury,frustration and the whole lot, on the M/Fs on top! nice idea!!
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Israeli media says that Hezbollah claims the Lebanon blast was caused by leftover of Israeli Defense Forces ordnance. Ye, like the guy who tried the pair of shoes I left behind, and since then he is driving a wheelchair!...
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abuamnon:- Death threat against Rifqa Bary! This case must go FEDERAL !!!
"Islamic occupied Israel" - Nice! The situation in the "Zionist liberated Israel" isn't much better! H/K, Settling disputes by stabbing and using high explosives, is a daily even here. Two weeks ago, woman's remains have been found in a burnt car in a near by village Basmat Tabaun, my neigbours ! (Police:- Drugs related crime... killer/s on the loose). Tell your lovely reader that, the ratio or Fire Arms owners (legal & ilegal) among Jews & Muslims is 1 to 6 ! In their favor!... As Chekhov said :- "If you see a gun hanging on the wall on scene #1, be sure it will be used on the last"!... P.S. Fire arms are not the problem! They handle knives and axes perfectly well...
Yes ! Her uncle molested her and her brother pocked her eye out maliciously ! This is going to stay this way as a fact until proven otherwise ! May the the flees of thousand hyenas jump on Rifka's enemies and eat them alive!
Yes ! Her uncle molested her and her brother pocked her eye out maliciously ! This is going to stay this way as a fact until proven otherwise ! May the the flees of thousand hyenas jump on Rifka's enemies and eat them alive!
Judge Daniel Sawson, You can sleep peacefully ! Your job is done by OTHERS !