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"This is where Micro 4/3 is truly revolutionary. As Micro 4/3 is developed, it will take a "Many Cameras, Many Lenses" approach not tied to any specific lensmaker or camera design." "... and M39 screwmount also had the same "cross-platform interchangeability," although they wouldn't have used those words for it then." And K mount, though developed by Pentax was used by Chinon and Ricoh (although Ricoh did some proprietary mods to the mount), and a good chunk of the Cosina manufactured vanity SLRs popular during the pre-AF film SLR days. So a cross platform mount isn't really a new idea. And you really don't care about locking people into your mount when you're not the market leader; your hurdle isn't stopping people from switching, it's getting people already invested in something else (i.e. the majority of the market) to consider an alternative platform or an additional one. As things sit, I'm really thinking about pulling the trigger on a GF1, and one huge factor is the fact that I can leverage my K mount investment.