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Kurt - Your analogy works only so far as simplicity is concerned. Fixed gear bicycles are almost always cheaper than their more complex counterparts.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2009 on Observations at The Online Photographer
I'm fairly young, only 21, but I really think more people should take what you had to say about taking how much a camera could earn you into account. When I got more serious about photography, I bought the Digital Rebel. I was blown away by how much better it was than the P&S I had used until then. After a lot of practice and research, I was able to start charging for small portrait gigs. Ever since, I haven't ever really payed for a camera or lens out of pocket. Whatever I make from photography goes back to photography. Over the years, the gear gets better, but it's a slow process. Certain things about the Leica M really appeal to me. And maybe someday, I'll be able to get one. In the meantime, I'll keep taking pictures and enjoying the camera I have. It would be a bit ridiculous for me to think I could enjoy the BMW of the camera world before I've paid my dues.
If the Olympus rumor is true, this m4/3 stuff is catching on like wildfire! What have you done with your DMD musings?
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2009 on Leaked! Leica M9 at The Online Photographer