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I've worked at and with both ad agencies and PR agencies. Like any business, how they behave depends on the people inside the agency. But with a typically fluid workforce, an agency can change perhaps more rapidly than other organizations. If what they do doesn't work for their clients, they'll try something different. Nice observation on war vs baseball metaphors. Made me smile as it reminded me of the late great George Carlin's classic Baseball vs Football:
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on PR agency pitch mentality at Web Ink Now
Hey Devon, OMG indeed. Maybe you can introduce The Levi's Guy to @ScottMonty, the often profiled head of social media at industry leading Ford and (dare I say) middle-aged family man. Or to Frank Eliason, who gained fame as @comcastcares and is now SVP of Social for Citi. There are many many many other examples of experienced PR, Customer Service, and interactive marketers who are fluent in social spaces. Who know that forums, message boards, and online communities have been around for decades and have learned by experience that social is not new. Digital native is a lazy term imho. Handling issues in the real world is actually quite an edge when things heat up online. The Ogilvy PR person should know that. She may want to have a word with @jbell99, one of the most respected people in social marketing. At my agency, we advise clients that the right Community Manager is one that naturally exhibits the same personality and values of the brand itself. Age has nothing to do with it. I also think the CEO of a company is by default the chief Community Manager, whether they tweet like @BBYCEO or not. It is an on and offline job. I suspect Levis is trying too hard to attract a younger demo. Am not sure that their social strategy should ignore the fact that their jeans are bought by people over 25.
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Oh, for other Dunny freaks, here is a handy dandy list of every one Kidrobot has ever made: