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Jim, you've hit on my main problems with hotels. Wifi cost is inexcusable. I've recenly spent 6 months in Asia, mostly in developing nations, and stayed in a mix of high end and budget hotels. Wifi availablity is much better in the budget hotels (it's generally free and reliable). The high-end Hyatts et al just don't seem to understand the needs of business or leisure travellers.
To me it screams of something I feel is so important in any business. That the direction (which generally comes from the top) and passion about what they are doing has to permeate through the business, the employees and manifest itself in the products and services. In this case the vision has to be carried through from top down through beliefs into the culture of the way the business operates and that in turn will ensure the vision actually appears in the end product. How many companies are totally selling out the vision that they started out to achieve by not doing this. ps. Now I'd like to know how wrong I am and hear your interpretation David :-)
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2009 on The Vision Led Org at Logic+Emotion
Great points! As well as piloting small measures its finding small things that are really on topic or brand for companies that can help them see the benefits. A good strategist can entice them by carefully choosing areas to focus on, particularly if you can show a benefit (or end result) too. On the subject of risk aversion have you got any thoughts about the predicament financial services find themselves in because of the need to archive client comms and advice? It's holding back their adoption of social media and new comms platforms. Interested in your thoughts on this as they're a sector yet to really adopt social methods (and even the web in some sectors). I wrote about this here:
Great stuff David! It's about time people started talking about creating advocacy in earnest. It really is one of the key elements to success for any brand now with the advent of instant feedback and comms through digital channels. It's also a key way to bridge the on/offline world by taking a brand to the very people who will use it and rave about it. Glad to see you mentioned simplicity. So many brands actually make it difficult to engage with them. I've written about brands as interfaces here ( and am convinced they need to be thought of as such. Keep the knowledge coming!!
Great stuff David! I love the fact that 'social' is beginning to be seen as a way of behaving for businesses rather than just an online medium. It's been going on for years at companies who really understand what it means to be customer centric, starting the conversation was just one part of that, now they have so many channels to engage it's getting a lot more attention (which is great). Love slide 45 'social will be replaced by it's how we do business'; that's spot on, brands who fail to get this are going to struggle to keep hold of their customer base in some cases. I blogged this here: