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The mere presence of NF destroys the environment, causes spousal abuse, and is the cause of 98% of all spontaneous human combustion.
More proof that NF sux.
Dropped a tab of acid and told the co-pilot: "Your airplane."
Working fine PC, website and wireless to my LG BD player. Sorry you guys are having so much trouble.
What does it matter what they announce when everything, and I mean everything will be "Very Long Wait"?
I used to have two 3 out plans. Then I made one of them BD. Then IW came along. I bought a Netflix ready device so I could watch the IW on a real TV. Then they stopped supplying me with discs in a timely fashion. And publicly stated they were going streaming only before 2020. I dropped one of my plans. Now at 3 out with BD and IW. Since the beginning of this year by Sep 1st that price will have gone up 33%. Sorry, but IW is mostly grade Z movies and bad TV - I won't pay for it. I will probably go to a 3 out DVD-BD only plan, and like others here have said: let's test NF and see if they are serious about being a quality disc by mail service again. If not, this 11 year customer is history.
How about a poll for people who have cut back and/or cancelled Netflix? I would bet those numbers are far higher than people who did the same for cable/sat.
I have the same problem, about 30% of the time. It's just NF, they are a poorly managed company when it comes to servicing the customer.
I am shocked, shocked I say, that Knalds is allowed into this Holy Sanctum! ;)
So far it's been WB and Sony. BluRay only. Just another rip off by Reed. Somebody please take Netflix away from him!!!!!
Hopefully someone will take over the disc by mail business as it will remain extremely profitable for decades due to bandwidth difficulties.
Why do the comments keep disappearing from this blog?
A poor excuse for a human being. Or a corporation. I am currently raising money to take the "unprofitable" DVD rental business away from Netflix. And I will promote a healthy social environment to keep my customers happy. Have fun streaming limited content over a low bandwidth system, Reed. I'm sure you've already profited enough from your soon to be former customers.
Toilet Paper is all it's good for. And that's only in the old Soviet Union.
about 90% of my Bluray queue
Think the movie industry is in control? I bet the music industry thought the same way, now they're gone. A 30 day delay on top of throttling means I will be watching the film on Comcast HD for free long before Netflix gets it to me, thus NF loses a sale as I will reduce the number "out" at a time to compensate. The failure of BluRay has meant its future will be something like Laserdisc: A premium service for certain movies only. The cost cannot come down if consumers are not buying the overpriced discs. And the industry can only afford to sell the players at under cost for so long. People have been buying the players because they are so cheap, but they are using them to upconvert their SD DVDs and not buying new BluRays. And I, too, will not buy a movie now unless I've seen it. And I only go to the theatre once a year (home theatre is superior). So delaying my viewing of a film just delays the time when I might buy it. Overall it's just another industry that cannot adapt to the new world. Sad, really.