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I would volunteer for a children's cancer hospital. Every year since I was young this hospital in USA would raise money for their hospital. It's called St. Jude's Hospital and during their tv show they would show case some kids and their families. These families are from all walks of life and the hospital prides themself on how they treat all children no matter if their family can afford the care or not. I feel in love with these children. They have such amazing strength and courage. Kids are amazing and no matter what they are going through they still seem to have a smile on their face. My other interest is of course infertility. I am currently pregnant with my 1st child and we went through many treatments. While going through treatment I searched for a local support group but only found one that charged a membership fee. I was floored! Here my husband and I were already paying out of our butts for something that many get for free and now I have to pay to join a support group. WHAT EVER!!! I heard nothing but great things about the group but just could not afford any more money to come out of our household. I was extremely lucky to have had a cycle buddy so we supported each other along the way. I did have friends on the computer but having one you can actually go out to have a drink with was much better. It is sad to think that there are families out there going through this blindly. - kelly
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