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The FBI went to the Mosque before for outreach! That's going there as a reassuring friend, not to determine what radicalization might be going on, which is what should have happened. His answer was worse than no, it was saying they were encouraging any radical Muslims there that the FBI has no clue. He should have been bashed on that response. What kind of key-stone cop FBI do we have?
I've a great idea on how NASA can outreach to Muslims per Obama's order: by locating on the moon's surface evidence of exactly where Muhammad split the moon into two pieces per the Quran 54:1-2, which was even witnessed(Bukhari 6/4867)! And it's about time NASA pin points the exact location of that muddy lake that the sun goes down into every day per Quran 18:86, 90. Maybe the scientists been keeping it secret so Islam doesn't get the credit Obama been saying it deserves for all the science it did.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2013 on Obama's Outreach Overreach at Atlas Shrugs
Personally, I don't see what's wrong with Bob Beckel's suggestion about a hiatus on Muslim students entering this country until we get a handle on who is here and who has overstayed. This, of course, would run counter to Obama's dismantling of our entry-exist system. "The concept of a national security entry-exit screening database is at least 10 years old. It’s an idea that was sabotaged by the progressive soft-on-security ideologues..."
I want to throw rotten tomatoes at those who brag about Islam having 1.4 billion followers as if that's suppose to lend respect and credence to this 7th century hoax. This "religion" calls for the execution of anyone who leaves it or criticizes it or defames Muhammad! After 1400 years that will results in a great number of members. Let the clerics change that law completely and see how many members remain after a while with that madness. I suspect they know what would happen.
I'm sure you'd be one of the sappy people at your loved-one's Islamic terror victim's funeral that would console yourself that the death wasn't prevented by awful waterboarding. I think you're insane or at least a Peter Pan who won't grow up. Lots of sappy Peter Pans like you, and your ilk only weaken this country, to the delight of the terrorists.
Sure the Islamic terrorists can blow up innocent people into pieces, including kids, and mangle many more into bloody clumps of flesh, by hey, at least under Obama we no longer have any nasty detainee & interrogation program that might pour water down a terrorist's nose just to get life saving info. Obama says that would diminish our moral standing in the world, so we can at least console ourselves with that at the burials.
Hard to believe that some are kidding themselves that this was not a victory for Muslims and their oppressive Islam. They have won here and are delighted they are able to intimidate so much. Intimidation is the name of their game to stifle free speech on the truth about Islam. I seriously doubt if the children were at risk, that's just their cowardly excuse they hide behind. I think Ms Geller is too kind not to blast their cowardly cave in.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost a lot of credibility. See for instance The Weekly Standard's put down But Jewish useful idiots like that Rabbi White are really hard to understand. They think sounding like one hates atrocities & lies in the name of Islam is hate speech? Anyway, is it wrong to hate what is hateful?
I seriously doubt anyone on the side of truth about Islam will get anywhere with this moronic prelate who thinks Christians and Muslims actually worship the same god. A god is defined by what he is reputed to have said, did, and by what he requires of mankind. Allah and the Christian God are clearly very very different. Such prelates are living in a fantasy of their devising and are typically cowards, just as they where when the Nazis were rounding up Jews for the slaughter. As Ms Geller says, the only progress he has made is a sort of stupid & cowardly submission while rationalizing it as the church's work.
Is having a petition to officially designate the Catholic Church on the White House Website inflammatory? Because this Church strongly disapproves of gay parenting? So does the Islamic religion which hatefully condemns much more including all willful disbelievers. So why is there not a petition on the White House website to designate Islam as a hate ideology and fundamentalist Muslims as a hate group?
The ads are appropriate since Osama bin-Ladin's own words justifying the 9/11 attack point to his Islamic ideology as the core reason. The ad is not saying all Muslims approve of the attack, but clearly Islam is at the root of the anti-USA hatred and this should be recognized.
Great to see all this support for Israel's right to defend itself, as well as the condemnation of the Palestinian murderous attacks. Islam make people insane, psycho-pathological.
Sura 9:29 is the obvious choice and the one with arguably the greatest historical significance. But I'm also in favor of signs which show the Koran as a scientific disaster, a product of 7th century ignorance of Astronomy in particular: For example
These Musloids are lecturing the West on Free Speech? How absurd. Being able to hurt the feelings of groups with critical speech or expression is practically the definition of FREE speech. But the feelings of these threatening zombies are not hurt anyway, they can only be angry since their supremacist warlike "religion" tells them they are vastly superior to us lowly infidels. Their intense anger arises only from their shear frustration at not being able to make us lowly kafurs shut up like they could if they were in power. And there's 1.4 billion of them only because of the Islamic rule to kill anyone who leaves their religious nonsense. Without the punishments for apostasy their absurd "religion" would probably only be represented by a small cult by now. And we let these violent ingrates migrate to a better life in the West - damn the sell-out politicians that have made it possible.
What does it say about our Muslim population (and our immigration policies) that organizations, institutions and agencies are afraid to allow certain freedom of expression because Muslims might get violent? Face it, it means that too many Muslims here are just very dangerous. They are our mortal enemies and they want their intimidation to incapacitate our true heroic American heroes like Pamela Geller.
And yet will most Jews vote for Obama because they always vote democrat? Do at least rabbis & Jewish leaders in America read and know what Obama is really about?
I'm sure Obama loving liberals are telling themselves that this outrage is the work of only a tiny minority of extremist while the overwhelming majority of mid-East Muslims are peaceful and would never condone this violation of the "religion of peace". What fools, they can't see that the opposite is true! This is just another act of jihad which most Muslims support - as, for eg., Dr. Tawfak Hamid will tell you in his revealing book "The Roots Of Jihad" . I suspect that Obama wants us to endure these outrages without payback (maybe he'll even increase aid to mollify the Arabs), which is why he has worked against our petroleum independence so that we think we must endure them. I suspect he is (or might as well be) an Islamic mole that's wants to see the USA weaker and is delighted at his success so far.
The point is that the more 3ird world immigrants, legal & otherwise, that the West lets in, especially from Islamic lands which value not freedom of speech, the more violent intimidation against free speech will occur. In their cesspool 3ir world lands violent retaliation against the truth is natural. How can we expect only good behavior here when increasing Muslim populations see their absurd Islam attacked? It's up to the Western host countries to make it clear with tougher laws and much tougher punishments that the West has zero tolerance for intimidation against free speech. Sadly that's not the case now while Muslim immigrants are stupidly allowed to flood in. The West is suicidal and the Muslim world senses it and is in a rush to get here before the West might wake up.
The Koran as an educational model? This congressional clown is counting on total ignorance of Islam. On just the scientific or empirical level The Koran is a dunce. It teaches that The sun, like the moon orbits the earth! (Q 21:33, 36:40 ) The earth is fixed and doesn't move Q 27:61 The sun sets in a muddy lake where strange people live Q 18:86, 90 Muhammad at one time split the moon into two pieces! Q 54:1-2 Humans think in their breasts, not their heads Q 11:5 These are just a few examples. Some educational model! The Koran, or Qur'an, is just an obvious 7th century hoax containing a lot 7th century empirical ignorance - not to mention the infidel hating - esp. hatred of Jews - and calls for violent conquest & domination of the world. This country needs more Muslims? Like Custer needed more Indians.
That apology is a cowardly lie without a rescheduling.
The only thing more disgusting and corrupt than the Obama administration is the Congress that refuses to do anything about it.
Are American Jews, habitually Democrat supporting Jews, getting this message? Can't they who are pro-Israel sense who is and who is not their friend? Will they wake up or will the majority of Jews ever be, like our African American population, robots for Democrats no matter what?
Gee, you don't suppose the security forces there would, gasp*, waterboard these terrorists for info? Obama would tell them that would not be nice, and all the bleeding hearts of the world would be so upset - I mean just because they tried to blow up a lot of innocent people and their friends might also.
The world needs to be reminded periodically about the Mecca schoolgirl fire deaths, and also the Taliban gas poisoning of Afghan school girls. Maybe then enough people in the so far largely free West will eventually get into their negligent brains that there is something extremely wrong with Islam.
It was painful watching these clueless women failing to recognize the 500 pd gorilla in their midst, namely Islam that has provided the underpinnings of all they are complaining about. Sure some of these women-oppressing laws they hate were put in place under dictatorships ("not under Islamists" she says) but these dictatorships existed in a Islamic society that was already very male dominated as required by Islam itself, and the dictator was only wise to appease most of the men and the imams. These laws and attitudes all come out the Koran and out of the mosques. But they just can't admit this to themselves. As I always maintain, Islam makes you insane.