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"Do what ever makes sense for you, but don’t sit around and do nothing. It takes time to earn our trust and respect by become one of us so get on it." Was just having a conversation today with a couple who work in the non-profit ministry we work with and are about our age about this issue. Not all social media tools are right for everyone all the time but being connected is more than just posting an entry or two on FB or Twitter. It's about choosing something that works for you that will allow you to connect with others who might share a similar interst, hobby or other affinity. That's all networking and connecting are...finding those who you can relate to and with and genuinely caring enough about the other person to add something to the relationship (information, thoughts, ideas, etc) and considering their contribution as valuable as well. I like these points and Frank's one sentence summary--common sense but worth repeating again and again--social media (no matter how you disguise or discuss it) is most helpful and beneficial when it replicates what we do in everyday living---connecting with others, helping out when we can, caring about others and offering something of value during our time together. That recipe works no matter the tax identification category ;).