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You, sir, are an idiot.
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I am not one of those people who have known about Cham since 1998. I live in a small town in West Virginia and started listening to him around 04-05. However since then, his influence has changed the way that I perceive rap music. In my high school, I was known as the guy who would argue with ANYBODY about why Chamillionaire is better than their favorite rapper. I used to have lengthy debates and get rather angry when people would hate just because they didn't like Ridin. Since then, I have promoted him to the fullest and am solely responsible for around 30 album sales (not mixtapes) of his. Even now at college, I have people listening to his tracks that "hate rap." People also get upset with me when they ask me to send them Cham's albums so they don't have to buy them, but I refuse every single time. They "don't want to spend money on something they can get for free." I have many aspects of my everyday life influenced by Chamillionaire. I have around 600 of his songs in my iTunes and they account for about 90% of the total plays (I have almost 8000 total songs). I have purchased every album/mixtape I have been able to find. I used to have an Xbox Live account titled CH4M1LL1TARYM4N. My login is "chamillitaryfan" on music blogs. His CD's are the only actual albums I brought with me to college. So an actual fan to me is more than someone who has been down since 98. A fan is someone who is loyal to the artist, supports EVERYTHING he does, and works hard to promote him to new people. This is my opinion and it's not going to change for anybody.
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