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You know, it is incredible how many people have a hard time keeping their thoughts and opinions on a level playing field where discussion can take place. I teach in a school district that was all for showing the speech up until a few days ago when we had to send letters home to parents letting them know about this "problem". We have been told to watch the speech or read it ahead of time and deem whether or not it is necessary to show our students. What is so bad about our president letting people know that hard work should be the standard? I appreciate your post about the critical thinking and problem solving aspect of Obama's speech. With what he says I hope that there will be an ongoing push and discussion to make these relevant topics in our schools, not just a side bar when we aren't testing our kids into oblivion. Maybe this will light a fire under some of our state representatives or even our education lobbyists to push for a revamped education system. This is only my second year teaching and to see how the education system is now (and remembering how it was just a few years ago when I was in school), I hope that dramatic change occurs. Your blog, amongst the many others who continue to have conversations on education, will be the place the reform happens. Through Professional Development and conversations will be where our education system will gain the most. Thanks for the post and keep up the conversation, it has affected me in an amazing way!
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