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Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2011 on Politics at BloggingDangerously
As one of those men ready at the merest hint of such activities, I have to ask: there are poor bastards guys that need seduction?!
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2010 on G-Spot:The Horse Whisperer at BloggingDangerously
Never liked TyPhoo; I was brought up on PG Tips and the occasional pot of Tetley's, (tea, not the beer!). Loving the podcasts, btw, (even though I'm listening to this one a week late).
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For some reason your description of the Ferengi make me think of "Safety Dance"!
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But they don't do any Welsh tartans... :'(
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Wow... that is frickin' cool! *s* And there was I thinking I was hot snot w/ a classic labyrinth, in one quadrant of my Farm Town farm...! *goes off to sulk in a corner* ; )
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