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Vikas, you said, I have been to a number of Satsangs accompanying my parents………………. There is no evidence I have seen/heard to support it. In any case a large number of people at these satsangs are too poor to contribute anything substantial. It may not even cover the cost of infrastructure built for the conduct of Satsang. --- Apparently you will not see any evidence. In RSSB if you happen to hold a high seva, and you want to maintain that position, either you have to contribute financially, or you should be a beurocrat or of some political influence, or beneficial for the organization. The poor sangat is governed and has to contribute with physical seva. There are 60 satsangs drafted by the publication dept. in Beas and the readers conducting the satsangs in nearly all the centers in India are clearly instructed to read it as it is without adding anything of their own. Please listen those carefully and you will definitely get an ample evidence. Further you said; Why host Brian, feed him, take care and then not ask for $$$ when he was most likely to part with them? Why depend on piddly contributions by Indian disciples in Indian Rupees (to make the point clear the current exchange rate is Rs 48/49= $ 1)? …..Maybe to create a better image of RSSB. The attendance of Foreigners at satsangs had been very much helpful to attract the Indians during the decade of 60s, especially when Charan Singh had to face tough competetion with the Kirpal group. I personally don’t feel that it is wrong, as money and man power are the necessity for the continuity and expansion of the organization.
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