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ting luminos
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"Some trusted creators I know have started to comment the same mantra 'Linden Lab do not understand me or my community. Why I am here anymore." Quite so. There are several pressing issues that LL seems to have a very cavalier attitude towards and it makes honest content creators feel that LL do not care about them. 1. Search All is still spammed to death and is a lie 2. Search Places is still traffic botted to death and is a lie 3. Today’s Popular at XStreet is gamed beyond belief and is a lie 4. Copybot tools and theft abounds The current climate in SL is creating an 'elite of the mediocre' who spend 20% of their time creating and 80% of their time gaming the system. This is so bad for SL because it makes SL look mediocre. There is no level playing field. The current situation hobbles talented honest creators and favours the dishonest These Lies and sharp practices degrade Secondlife, they degrade the experience of honest content developers and they can not help improve the current SL economy nor 'advance the human condition'